Your Life’s Computer; The Soul-Part IV.


God put man here as a physical being. Since God did put man here as a physical being (as opposed to a spiritual being) and by spiritual we mean a God form created for a specific Godly purpose; man must go about his everyday activities in a physical way. In order for man to go about his activities in a physical way, he must be guided by and subject to the physical forces of his environment, except in cases where God sees fit to perform a miracle or some other spiritual demonstration (through man) to serve some godly purpose or purpose of God. Some such miracles or demonstrations would be feats that can neither be explained by man or that can be repeated by man. Two such examples may be the feeding of a multitude with the two little fishes and five loaves of bread and the raising of Lazarus from the dead-even after he had been prepared, dressed in grave clothes and introduced to his eternity. Jesus performed these feats in the physical but was imbued with spiritual power from on high. I don’t know of any record of man having repeated such feats. In other instances God has given physical man the power to heal the sick in demonstrations such as the shrinking of tumors and opening the eyes of the blind. Being subject to physical forces refers to the act of being subject to natural birth, natural growth, natural relationships with your fellowman, natural illness and a natural exit from life.

Working in Physical Man

Since God works with physical man in a natural manner He had to make some provisions for guiding man through the everyday tasks of his existence. The physical body cannot direct itself because it is nothing more than a mass of matter that has no life or movement unless there is breath-a soul. The soul is that entity which God gives at the beginning of one’s life and takes back at the ending of life. I’m referring to the beginning and end of life of the physical body. Each organ of the physical body has a distinct purpose and function and this purpose and function is indirectly engineered by the brain. Since the brain is nothing more than another organ, some other entity must tell it what, when and how to engineer the other body organs. Given the fact that no two individuals are alike; we must take that to mean each of us was uniquely created. On the other hand, since no two people live the same life and die the same death; we can also conclude that each of us was created to fulfill a unique purpose in life. We all won’t climb Mt. Everest; swim the English Channel; get a Doctorate in Physics; finish college at sixteen; invent a revolutionary piece of equipment; sail solo around the world or author a great book but we each will serve a unique function in life.

What He Did

We’re not unique because of our body and organ function since our body and organs are immobile and lifeless but for the forces which direct them. God doesn’t direct our lives on a second by second basis; minute by minute basis or hour by hour basis. He could but He gives us some freedom of choice. He created us naturally independent and spiritually subject to the provisions for which He created us. Since He did create us naturally independent, He had to devise a means for getting us to adhere to the provisions of His overall plan for our lives and the universe so He had to program an entity with the capability of directing the activities of our life. The program has to direct many different activities and has to be housed in a place or thing where it cannot be tampered with by man-not even the man that houses it. God didn’t want to program the body, itself because the body has no life of its own, is subject to directions from another entity and can be tampered with by man. He didn’t want to program the brain because the brain has no life of its own; is subject to directions from some other source and can also be tampered with by man. The only thing that was left (that has life independent of the body), that takes its directions from the Supreme Being or creator only and cannot be tampered with by man is the soul. Since God made man naturally independent, He programmed the soul to guide man through every move and every function of his life to determine his destiny.

The Program

The soul, after being given its existence by a higher form or Supreme Being, was created according to and in the form and content desired by the creator. It was then given a house in which to dwell and this house is known as the human body. The content and make-up of the soul determines the pattern of developmental growth of the body in which it is housed. DNA which is the basic substance of human growth and development is given its direction for growth by the soul. The soul is the thread of life. DNA is the thread of the transmittal mechanism, which directs the relay instructions establishing the speed, direction and longevity of an individual’s existence. DNA, upon directions from the soul, establishes the kind of organ make-up the body will possess. The soul directs it in making strong or weak organs; tells it whether or not to omit the growth of two kidneys; whether to make organs that are cancer prone, diabetic prone, epileptic prone or heart trouble prone, etc. The soul tells the DNE whether to make a malfunction in the hearing mechanism, sight mechanism, taste mechanism or in any other area. Once DNA establishes the basic functional organs; upon instructions from the soul, the brain takes over (also upon instructions from the soul computer) and regulates the operation and continuity of body parts and organs.

When and if scientists alter genes and chromosomes, they aren’t altering the destination of intended growth; they are merely altering the transmittal mechanism which changes the intended development and growth direction. It is like changing your route of travel to Chicago. Your destination will not be changed. You will ultimately end up in Chicago. You cannot end up in any other place because the destination was predetermined and the one who determined it doesn’t make mistakes. He couldn’t misroute you in error; neither would He make you late for your intended arrival at the destination. On the other hand, He will not let you arrive early. Every part of the program of life must be performed on a strict timetable. On an occasion when you arrived late for an event and such late arrival caused your life to turn on a dime, that’s how the program intended it to be. If you had arrived on time the program of life would not have worked as intended. You must always be at a designated point at a designated time; which is how everything in your life is planned. If you missed the plane that crashed into the side of the mountain killing everyone on board, it doesn’t mean you were late. It means that you were on time because you weren’t meant to die on that plane.

Science cannot do anything to prolong your life beyond the predestined time of your expiation; we just don’t know what the predestined time is. When that time arrives you will be on your way out. It may seem to us (in the natural sense) that life is being prolonged but it is not. The Word of God says God knows the number of man’s days. When science appears to extend a man’s life it is merely putting through a phase of the man’s life that is already programmed. Genes cannot be altered to render one free or guarantee one freedom from the problems which the gene alterations were meant to correct. If such alterations happen to correct a problem, the end results will not be the extension of life because when the time is at hand the patient will die of that same ailment or some other as it is destined to do. If science could alter genes to correct all body malfunctions, they could ultimately construct a body with no malfunctioning organs and hence; a body which would not die. Then they would have power over life and death. That could not be because that power is not delegated to anyone-it is God’s to possess and His only. The one who created us has that exclusive right. The secret to life is not in the genes but in the soul and the soul cannot be tampered with. It was created by God and the soul computer (as programmed by God) determines the direction and end time of man’s life. The body, its growth and its functions exist at the discretion of the soul and (as stated prior) the soul and its makeup is the product of the Supreme Being or God. He gave it to man’s body to initiate life and takes it back at the end of man’s life.



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