Your Life’s Computer; The Soul-Part II

The Plan

Many of us can agree with the conclusion that the universe (which includes the earth and everything above and below it) didn’t just happen. It was created by a Supreme Being that we know as God, or whatever other name (such as Jehovah, etc.) that various religious sects choose to call Him. When God planned and established the universe, He didn’t just fumble around, juggle and by trial and error come up with a design. If He had done that, He wouldn’t be the God that we know-the God that is described in the Bible. So we can indeed conclude that God’s plan for the universe was exact and faultless. It had to be faultless because God is without fault or error. Since His plan is without fault or error, we can conclude that when He flung the sun, the moon and the stars up in the heavens, He had determined that they would shine for a given length of time. He didn’t just place them there not knowing how long they would last and not knowing at what time or if the earth would be plunged into darkness again-not having the benefit of the sun and the moon for light nor the sun for heat.

God Knows

We may not know the life span of the sun, the moon or the stars (just as we do not know our own life span) but God does and the same exactness that went into the planning of the universe went into the planning of our lives. In God’s all-knowing position He can tell exactly what man will do (within the universe) that will react upon the universal environment. It isn’t by accident that various parts of the world suffer floods and droughts; hurricanes and tornadoes. God is nature and has control over the elements of nature but allows man to (in a demonstration of free will) make decisions that will impact the environment around him-for good or for bad. He is also in control of the lifespan and direction of man’s life but allows him (in his state of free will) to make decisions that will impact his life-for good or for bad. Man make choices-God decides the outcome. What I’m saying (in essence is) man’s choice has no meaning to God because God is in the driver’s seat of man’s life. If this were not the case, the evil would continue forever and the good would never surface. God’s Word said man will reap what he sows. Man plants seeds-God brings harvest. It isn’t by accident that man plants and droughts destroy. It isn’t by accident that man would possess knowledge to seed the clouds in an attempt to bring down the rain and the rain never comes. It isn’t by accident that (in spite of the efforts by man) God can withhold results in any of the areas of our lives. God is responsible for the universe and all souls within the universe. God’s Word said in Job 23:8, 9, 10 “Behold I go forward but He is not there; and backward but I cannot perceive Him; On the other hand where He does work, but I cannot behold Him; He hides Himself on the right hand that I cannot behold Him. But He knows the way that I take”. This is from the Word of God. If you want to argue with it-go on and do so. If you want to argue what God meant by those words-go on and do so. God also said in Psalms 24:1 “The earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they who dwell therein”. Some may want to argue that this last statement doesn’t mean God owns and controls-let them do so. I believe God is in control of the universe; has a master plan and structure and each soul fits within that plan and structure.

How Do We Fit

Because we (as human beings, endowed with souls created by the Master Planner or Supreme Being) are unable to know the master plan of God, we are likely to look upon some medical and/or scientific discoveries or achievements as wicked and/or destructive. They may or may not be; depending on how God views them. The souls of the scientists or doctors bringing forth the discoveries may be exceedingly good and may be acting in a manner which the creator intended; so as to bring about results of outstanding goodness. God’s plan perceives that certain acts of goodness or wickedness be demonstrated at certain times by certain soul entities and under conditions foreknown by God-the master of the plan. We have seen such demonstrations. Mother Theresa, Adolph Hitler and others of like or greater statue are in the annals of good and evil. We can therefore say that it is not by accident that a certain individual, living in a given area, at a given time pursues a continuous path of goodness or wickedness; being unaffected or unchanged by forces around him until such time as the Master deems his life cycle completed. Although these acts of goodness or wickedness (in the natural sense as we see them) appear to be the paths chosen by the doers, they are suffered by the Master and are in His plan that they will be so. Of course we may say it is not God’s will that anyone should be wicked. While it may not be His will; He suffers or allows certain things to be-in that He doesn’t prevent the occurrence. Both the good and the bad go forth to make up the overall plan of God. Everyone that is created is the product of God’s creation and if we turn out to be good it is because God put us in the grace of His goodness or that He prevented Satan from exercising free reign in our lives for the duration of our sojourn on earth. From time to time I have heard an individual say “He or she is a piece of junk” and the retort would be “God didn’t make any junk”. That person responding was correct-God didn’t make any junk but Satan did. We were all born in sin and went along the path that was foreknown of God. It may not have been willed by God but God knew the path we each would travel and each individual’s path served his role in fulfilling God’s universal design plan. Sometimes the propagation of an idea requires the creation of a monster personality; sometime it requires the creation of a saintly personality and sometime it requires the creation of a sick personality.

Adolph Hitler and all of the other individuals who aided in serving the desires of Hitler had both monster and sick personalities. Even with them possessing these personalities we can say they did not function outside of God’s plan because He certainly had the power to cut them off before they could do the damage they did if cutting them off had served His plan. Their operations had to be both plan and destiny-God’s plan that they should perpetrate the acts and God’s destiny for the victims. The Bible (in truth) suggests that God does all things well and all things work together for the good of those who love God. Let us not forget that God suffered the beheading of John the Baptist. He baptized God’s son-Jesus. How wicked was the act but God suffered it to be. God still sits on the throne and the direction of the universe will go forth according to God’s plan-not man’s.

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