Will the Real Chris Christie Please Stand Up?

Maybe we’re not looking at the real Chris Christie. Maybe Governor Christie who raised taxes on the middle class; cut taxes for the wealth class and cut the education budget isn’t the real Governor Christie. Maybe the Chris Christie who got in the teacher’s face wasn’t the real Chris Christie. It is possible that this short, portly figure who makes a lot of noise; tells people what he does concerning certain issues is none of their business; mistakenly uses public resources on private matters and tells others (in so many ways) to shut up isn’t the bad, boy bully some may think he is. Maybe he is really a meek, humble “pussycat” type who would give you the shirt off his back; do the house laundry; give you his last dime; walk a mile in your shoes or share his last canteen of water with you in a desert place. When I was growing up there were individuals we would listen to and look at and we would say “His bark is worse than his bite” or “Don’t fear him, he is really a “pussycat”. Behind the scenes he just purrs gently; there’s no fight in him”. On other occasions the phrase “paper tiger” would be used to describe some with a fierce roar and dull teeth. The persona above may be the “real Chris Christie”. However, we don’t really know for sure-just yet. We’re still waiting for the evidence to suggest that what we see isn’t what we’re getting. We’re still waiting for anybody-family, friend, associate, appointee, hiree or other staff to say “Oh no: what you saw yesterday in the man, Chris Christie, isn’t truly who he is. We’re still waiting for a flood of individuals to “come out of the woodwork”; stand up and suggest that one need not follow Chris Christie’s directives; under Chris Christie you can be a maverick and make decisions on your own-never mind what Christie may or may not think; you can act without consulting with the governor or informing him of what you did-even if it was major. Governor Christie is a “pussy cat”- he won’t get angry at you-he’s so kind and understanding. That may be his level of compassion. What we’ve seen in the past that doesn’t speak of compassion and temperance may not be the real Chris Christie. Then; would “the real Chris Christie please stand up”? We’re still waiting for support to affirm that the portrayed Governor Christie isn’t the real Chris Christie. If none stands up in united confirmation supporting a different Chris Christie, we are left with no choice but to think we’re looking at the real Chris Christie.

Then; Would They Dare?

When “bridgegate” became public knowledge and conversation, the Chris Christie that we know came forward like a “bull in a china closet” and began throwing out everybody and everything that would in any way compromise his conceived integrity. Does this look like a Chris Christie “pussycat”? Can this pushy, bullying, in-your-face Christie that none would consult before taking unauthorized action on any matter of importance be the real Chris Christie? If the real Governor Christie is already standing, those connected to the bridge closings; the disbursement of hurricane Sandy funds and pressure to move certain projects along would have been living in complete fear of taking any maverick-type action. The real Chris Christie (based on public persona) is the kind of taskmaster you would almost want to inform before you go to the restroom. None would appear to have guts enough to stand up against a frame large enough to house guts to threaten an entire cabinet and staff. We must remember this is the same Christie who stood up against the Republican Party after showing a posture of embracing the Democratic President. The party had already vowed to be non-cooperative (with the president) in almost all matters. The embrace was not sanctioned by the Republican Party-it was disdained. Is this the type of maverick politician “pussycat” you could take lightly; ignore or walk on? If he is not, then none (from the least powerful to the most powerful of his underlings) would have dared to make any far-reaching decision such as the “bridgegate” incident without consulting the boss. A connection may never be established linking Governor Christie directly or we may never see the “smoke from the gun” but the jury will always be out on the matter of what and how much Governor Christie knew. Chris Christie may be successful in dancing around this fallout; he may even be able to do a “rope a dope” and he may even win the battle but when it’s all said and done, New Jersey and America will know Chris Christie has been in a fight. Those who win tough battles are usually “mean and lean”. Chris Christie is certainly mean enough but the question remains as to whether he is” lean enough”. This latest incident has encumbered him with more baggage-more weight. Can he run a race beyond the New Jersey Governorship? Will he have to stop there or maybe even stop before he finishes that tenure? America doesn’t really know yet. The man is a shrewd politician; a smart individual; a colorful and charismatic figure. That’s who America presently knows. Is this the real Chris Christie? If not, will the real Chris Christie please stand up?

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  1. wayne ottley

    Gan, I don’t know why you even ask this rhetorical question? “Is Christie a pussycat”? by all accounts from what I have heard on the news programs, he is what you see. Ever since he was appointed by G. Bush to be US ATT. GEN. he was like that. Plus he brought most of his top staff with him to the governorship…..


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