We’re American Hypocrites

About 19-years have passed since O.J. Simpson was declared not guilty in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. That not-guilty verdict left the country in a tizzy as to what could have been the reason the jury found him not guilty after a trial that lasted nine months; cost some 20-million dollars to defend and produced some 50,000 pages of court transcripts. When it ended in an acquittal, America was in a fit of anger and it was perplexed over how the jury could have reached such a conclusion. Prior to that Americans (in general) were staunch believers in the jury system. In this case (even after the jury had spoken) it was not ready to accept that conclusion about the American system of justice. They knew within their “heart of hearts” that O.J. Simpson had committed those murders. However, it was not proven (to the jury) beyond a reasonable doubt. The “glove exhibit” was the pivotal point of reference. Johnny Cochran (one of the defense attorneys) said “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit” and the jury did just that-acquitted Simpson. The cries against the jury’s conclusion were heard around the country. Even most of the black people believed he was guilty but the jury’s not guilty verdict was the outcome. America refused to accept it because there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that O.J. Simpson was guilty. America had to live with the verdict but never accepted it.

Now here we are again; gazing upon a parallel circumstance of American justice or injustice. Could God be showing us (by this recent case) what a nation of hypocrites we are? When Simpson was acquitted screams were loud. Where is that parallel group of screamers? We all know George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. He put the gun to the child’s heart and pulled the trigger. He murdered the child and they called it self-defense. How can you say that you’re defending yourself when you initiate the fight? George Zimmerman went looking for the fight. Is that self defense? Zimmerman was instructed to remain inside of his vehicle and wait for the police to arrive. He didn’t do that; yet they say he was defending himself. There was no potential enemy to defend himself against until he got out of his vehicle. What’s more; hardly one shred of truth emerged from Zimmerman’s side of the isle. When George’s brother was asked (in an interview) if George caused the death of Trayvon Martin the brother said “no”. The interviewer said “George Zimmerman pulled the trigger of the gun that killed the child” and the brother insisted that didn’t translate to George causing the death of Trayvon Martin. He said George was defending himself. Is that a political answer or a dumb one? What a ridiculous position to take (on a matter such as this) in defense of murder. Self-defense in this case doesn’t really hold water. There were only two individuals who knew for certain what happened. One was murdered and the other fashioned a tale of lies. There were two sides to the story. The one remaining alive to tell it told it with lies written all over it and all through it. Unfortunately the defense was able to sell them to some of the American people. Any premise supported by lies is deeply flawed. That should have given the prosecution an edge in light of guilt or innocence.

When you take a deep backward glance at the effort of the Prosecution team you could say it left a bit to be desired in terms of sufficiently addressing the vital issues involved; except for the Prosecution’s rebuttal lawyer. I think he did a masterful job but I wonder if it was “the plan” not to address a few of the pertinent elements. Maybe the Prosecution team wanted to hand victory to George Zimmerman. But, the jury didn’t want to accept the Prosecutor’s position anyhow. Maybe the Prosecution didn’t scientifically prove Zimmerman’s guilt but neither did the Defense scientifically prove his innocence. When a black American dies at the hands of a white person in a criminal act, only a scientific conclusion is acceptable. When a white American dies in a similar incident common sense is enough.

 The Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Jury

The decision was rendered by a jury consisting of five female whites and one other said to be of black or Hispanic race, who obviously was thinking like the whites on this issue; poor brain-washed lady. But where are the screams like those heard after the O.J. Simpson trial? In this Zimmerman case elements of America are so confident the jury did its job but in the O.J. Simpson case they swore the jury failed. I say the jury failed in both cases and this is reason enough to believe the American judicial system is in need of a serious overhaul. The jury (in this case) had another program in mind and America accepted the jury’s conclusion and many Americans said “I agree with it”. The defense lawyers, Zimmerman’s peers and his racist supporters think or said they think justice was served. No it wasn’t-injustice was served on that plate. Their desired justice was served. When the shoe was on the other foot and the defendant was black they yelled that the jury rendering was unjust. In this Zimmerman case, even if the prosecution didn’t scientifically prove their case, that doesn’t mean the defendant didn’t murder the child. The whole world knows Zimmerman pulled the trigger of the gun. He said he did and the victim is dead. Yet, (those who do) think Zimmerman should bear no responsibility for the murder. Since the jury rendered a “scientific” decision that translates into Zimmerman being innocent according to those in his camp. What a big bag of hypocrisy that is. The yelling after the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial still rings in my ear. I can still hear the voices railing against the jury’s decision. None were saying he was innocent as those are saying about this recent case. As for the jury, it would have been virtually impossible to get a guilty decision in a white Southern town from a predominately white jury-even in 2013. Who in his right mind could believe the jury members didn’t enter the case without biases and prejudices? Who in his right mind could believe the jury members had heard nothing; read nothing; watched nothing or discussed nothing concerning this case? That position is America’s attempt to hoodwink the citizenry. There is no honesty in that position. The jury was compromised. This case was over a year in the making. No one except Amish and like-minded faiths are cut off from all sources of information (by choice) that would corrupt their thinking. There is nothing on record to suggest that any on the jury had an Amish or like-minded persuasion. The jurors had some prior exposure and the lawyers lied. If the defendant lied; the lawyers lied and the jury members selected lied, how could you expect truth to emerge in the decision? Yes the jury spoke but it didn’t speak truth.

The Race Question

It has been 148-years since slavery ended and America is still begging the fringe racist thinkers to be fair to black people. Something is deeply wrong with that. On a list of those who America hate the most, black people occupy the top position. There was once a strong hatred (in America) for Jews but this case shows blacks are hated even more. If the face looks white the person is loved more than the one with the black face. Is that sad-no; it’s truth. If it is white versus black in America, justice will never be fairly served-especially in the South. You can hardly pick a jury in America comprising unbiased whites or un-brain-washed blacks.

The Zimmerman side of the aisle declares there was no race involved. Yes; there was. Look what happened in the O.J. Simpson case-the defendant was black-the situation was reversed. In this latest case Zimmerman was quoted as saying “Those f—ing punks always get away”. Was he referring to white boys? They had reported recent crime activities in the area involving blacks. Those were the f—ing punks he was referring to but why did he profile Trayvon Martin as being one of them? He did because his mind had a negative fixation on black men. He didn’t just play a race card, his entire deck was racist. America has more racist decks of cards than it is willing to admit. However, I’m going to give America a heads-up. Justice was served-God’s justice-not man’s. God’s justice has a larger plan in mind and His plan doesn’t bode well for liars and murderers. I think God shows you the wrong and then does something concerning it. You see; God sits high and looks low-even into the depths of hell. He moves the wheel of justice. The wheel of justice grinds slowly. You’re gonna reap what you sow. O.J. Simpson was a big man-with a large positive image. He’s now bigger in size from the poor jailhouse food but he is a beaten and broken man, who no one wants to think about. George Zimmerman and all those associated with declaring him innocent will have their day in God’s court. God doesn’t embrace liars even if one must lie in his profession. As the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “Truth crushed to earth will rise again. You gonna reap what you sow”.


  1. wayne ottley

    Once again Gan, you hit the nail Right on the head with your usual
    perspicacity. hohoho !


  2. Fedie J. Clemmons

    This article was so completely laid out and presented.I love your style and the results of your research and the guts to write it right from your heart. We agree on so many points and some comparisons you make are amazingly along with my thinking. I doubt my ability to put it on paper as I have done in many instances. I will be reading more of your recent writings. Love ya!


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