They’re Still Suffering from “PPSD”

Post Presidential Stress Disorder-

The president is well into his second term; it’s been almost 6-years since two major battles (2008 and 2012) and the Republicans haven’t gotten over their battlefield defeats. They’re still suffering from “PPSD”. The first battle (2008) caught them by surprise. They thought they were prepared for the second (2012). They may have thought the vote would be close enough that maybe they could steal the election in a fashion similar to what may have happened in the past. They were wrong in both instances and are still struggling to find reasons, remedies and rehabilitation for their “PPSD”. To begin a healing process for a condition, you need to first recognize that you have a condition. The Republicans are still in denial. They still don’t seem to know what the American people don’t want. Neither do they don’t know what the American people need or do want. The American people need and want Obamacare. The “three horsemen of the apocalypse” Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike lee have it all wrong. The American people don’t want the Obamacare pushback they’re peddling. They want and need

I have my doubts about the sincerity of the efforts being put forth by the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee as they relate to “Obamacare” and other vital mainstream initiatives respecting the American people. I had similar doubts concerning the reason Mitch McConnell was so fervent in his efforts to make President Obama a one-term president. Well, he didn’t succeed and my gut feeling tells me the other three above won’t succeed either. This present-day Republican Party is like a party from hell-seeking to do anything that will compromise the efforts of the first black American President. The party is relentless in its pursuit and appears to still be suffering from “Post Presidential Stress Disorder”-even after the president was re-elected to a second term. Should not that tell the Republican Party the majority of the American people wanted him in the position more that they wanted the other contenders? When, how and why did America reach the conclusion that the office of the president of the United States would and should always be occupied by a male white? After a span of over 200-years with the position being filled by only male whites, I don’t think it far-fetched for some to assume that would and should always be the case. Could some (in their mindset) have come to believe that some particular universal force or omen deemed it so? Could others (not truly knowing the posture of God) have thought God wanted it to be that way? After all, many misguided assumptions about the nature of God were fashioned in the mindset of white America. They assumed God to be a “WASP”; just as most of them claimed to be. They assumed Jesus and His family were indeed white people-even WASP. That’s why virtually every picture of Mother Mary and the Christ-child is depicted as white. They assumed the natives they found on the American soil upon their arrival were not the rightful heirs to God’s American land. They assumed Leviticus 25:45 sanctioned their right to slave ownership.

Fodder for the Congressional Mindset.

The same mindset that formulated the above assumptions is driving the present-day Congressional mindset. The passion in Congress has nothing to do with “Love for America” or the desire to assure America’s survival. If it did, those in congress would be pursuing an agenda free from bias towards race and the “have nots”. They would be untouched by political compromise driven by money and favor. They would avoid the rancor and discord that has brought forth a climate of disconnect and Congressional do-nothingness. The president is well into his second term; it’s been almost 6-years since the two major presidential battles (2008 and 2012) and the Republicans haven’t gotten over the trauma of the battles. They’re still experiencing “PPSD”. They’re trying to treat themselves; don’t quite know what to do and won’t listen to “the physicians” in their midst. There is also outside advice being offered for their condition but they refuse to receive that.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and their like-minded colleagues’ agenda is a fight against minorities (race) and the “have nots”. Rand Paul’s statements on race are well known and posted on the bulletin board of America. His talking points have been voiced-they’ve been viewed on the tele-prompters of this nation.

Ted Cruz is a second generation immigrant that has managed to shed his Cuban heritage and portrays himself as Caucasian because he looks white and sounds a bit “WASPish”. The dead giveaway is the name “Cruz”. There is nothing wrong with a name. However, when an individual tries to run away from something that identifies his lineage, he must have a problem being who he is. If he could have changed his name to “Caruthers” or some other name that suggest European ancestry, he could have lost himself in the shuffle and become the WASP he may want to be. He doesn’t realize the community of WASP in America (with a deep heritage) isn’t yet ready to fully accept him as one of them. In the back of their mind he may always be the second generation Cuban immigrant. The Republicans may be using him as a wedge between the wealthy WASP “haves” and the poor minority “have nots”. Every now and then the Republicans use one.

Mike Lee; who is he? He is this recently-blossomed flower that did something or said something the Republicans think has longevity that benefits the party. The party is grabbing for straws because it’s drowning. Picking an unbiased Caucasian Senator from Utah is like picking a needle from a haystack. Remember Mitt; he disregarded the 45%-I guess Mike Lee would do the same. He is of like persuasion. Mike Lee’s father was the founding Dean of Brigham Young University. Mitt was of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints-Mormon. Mike Lee hails from the same religion. The WASP didn’t like Mitt’s religion so what makes Mike think they will like his? It is no secret what the Mormons thought about the “have nots” and the minorities The old guard in America still embraces the WASP mentality. Anyone like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who thinks he’s in may be mistaken. The Republican Party conveniently uses anyone who can further its agenda. The party uses black people in a like manner. Those black people who are being conveniently manipulated by the Republican Party aren’t aware that they are being manipulated.

The Trio and Their Train

The trio-including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee seems bent on destroying every positive agenda put forth by the president. I’m wondering what could be so bad about a health insurance agenda that will potentially bring everyone into the health insurance safety net. Even if it doesn’t look as good (on the surface) as it proposes to be, these disingenuous Republicans seem focused on destroying it before giving it a chance. The above trio seems to be at the forefront of this effort. The health insurance vehicle may not be perfect-it’s newly off of the “assembly line”. Would they not do better by working to get the “bugs out” instead of saying “I refuse to drive the car?” What’s with this out-front trio of Republicans working feverishly to destroy Obamacare? Does Ted Cruz or Mike Lee plan to run for president? I hope not-they’re both light weights-never mind their credentials. They will surely hand the Republicans their next defeat if they do run. Mike Lee must be forgetting that he has the same religious affiliation as the recent Republican candidate who lost. The Republican Party nor the South wanted that candidate because they didn’t like his religion. It wasn’t right for them to feel that way but they did. Neither was it right for those who felt they didn’t want a black candidate-but they felt that way. The Republican Party only ran Mitt because it felt he (out of the entire group of bunglers) was the only one who could defeat President Obama. What they didn’t know was none in the group of “want to be” aspirants could have beaten President Obama. I could have told them that but they weren’t smart enough to ask. I’m not surprised at that because they weren’t even aware that the demographics in America have undergone a change and the numbers comprising the male, white vote aren’t large enough (alone) to elect a white president.

The second consideration that may have been a factor but not believed is the fact that the Republican’s “dirty underwear” had been hung out in the Republican debates.

Third, all of their noses had been bloodied from the debates-that is; all except Herman’s. He wouldn’t even participate in the fight. I guess he was remembering the advice his father gave him about dealing with white people: “go to the back of the bus and don’t make any trouble.” Too bad his father didn’t give him any advice about dealing with white women. Herman didn’t even know white men don’t like for black dudes to disrespect their women-I don’t blame them. That airing of Herman’s behavior towards white women probably nailed his mouth shut and his political coffin shut also. In addition, Herman was too black. The Republicans had no stomach for another black president. They didn’t even want the black president the American people elected.

As for Newt; he was far too compromised in Congress and after leaving Congress. The American people are quite forgiving but there is a limit to how forgiving. The Word of God admonishes us to forgive “seventy times seven”. I think Newt used up all of his.

The “Rick of Texas” couldn’t win. I think the Republicans were a bit embarrassed by him. He couldn’t even name three cabinets. He either was suffering from dementia or the lack of knowledge. Either would have been bad for a presidential possibility.

The other “Rick of Pennsylvania” never knew the political landscape was not a round one-it is flat-and he went so far to the right he fell off the edge. The fall damaged him so severely that he was never again able to gain momentum again.

Michele’s migraine headaches had her always talking out of her head-nothing she said ever made sense. The Republicans stroked her for a season because she made the Democrats seem compromised with her crazy rhetoric. When the Republicans squeezed as much “crazy” out of her as they could stomach they cast her aside.

Jon Huntsman was too “middle of the road” and too classy for the Republican Party. He didn’t want to get himself all dirty from wallowing in the mud. He recognized early on that if he wasn’t willing to get “down and dirty” he may as well forget it.

Chris Christie (I guess) decided at the last moment he didn’t want to enter the circus ring with a bunch of clowns.

The “Donald” was what the president referred to in one of his remarks as a “carnival barker”. He was also a headline-grabber. He wasn’t serious about running-he was just making noise. He must have thought there was a New Years Eve party going on in the Republican Primary-like the ones in Atlantic City.

As for Tim Pawlenty, he decided to jump ship early on in the Republican Primary. He broke ties with the Romney ship because he could see it was listing. His gut feeling may have told him the ship would sink-it did.

The Republican Party sank with the Romney ship. They put all of their cargo on it. They knew the Romney ship had a hole in it but they were in denial. They’re still suffering from “Post Presidential Stress Disorder”. They are badly in need of a remedy. Maybe some of their pharmaceutical friends can create one-that is if there are enough Republican patients to make the investment worthwhile.

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  1. Fedie J. Clemmons

    I finally sat myself down to take a mind break. I decided to read something you recently wrote just to see how your mind is working. Well, I chose “They’re Still Suffering From “PPSD”. Wow! was it the right one. It is written in the same vein as the “Wetted on Themselves” article. I got some laughs and enjoyed your wit. Keep on going until you get a knock on your door. These writings are very challenging.


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