The Republicans-Are These Neanderthal Men?


Can you remember the picture of the Neanderthal man with the cudgel (short thick stick if you will) in one hand and dragging the wife by her hair (with the other hand) off to the place where she would be summarily spanked for her misstatements or misdeeds? Her only infraction was she didn’t behave like the man thought she should have. That man had a specific place and posture for the woman and demanded she stay in it. The expectations of today’s Republican men seem to parallel that yesterday’s thinking when it comes to women.

The typical Conservative position is for the man to go out and hunt, fish, and bring home the provisions sufficient for the survival of the home. The woman’s position was in her home and in her expected place. That was then-we’re now living in a new day. The woman of today goes out to work and lends support for the lifestyle desired of today’s man and woman that today’s assumed bread-winner cannot provide alone. A very recent example of note (that may hit home) involves the indictment of a former state governor and his wife. They seem to have desired fancy clothes and accessories but could not afford them based on the bread-winner’s salary. They in turn have been indicted (but not yet proven guilty) on 14-counts; one being the trading of influence for dollars. The Republicans continue to push Conservative positions when it comes to women. Their positions are out of sync with the posture of today’s socio-economic demands and expectations when it comes to women. Women’s choices and the management of their lives, family and physical being begs for something different to yesterday. The Republicans aren’t getting it. Are they Neanderthal men?

Republicans and Women

The culture at the top of any organization establishes and reflects the framework for the behavior down below. This can apply to a corporation, social order or any other entity embracing various levels of operation or interaction. When Republicans sit around tables in the Congressional cafeteria, meet on golf courses and at various other times they may likely have discussions on topics and postures within their circles and are likely to get a good feel of how fellow Republicans think-those at the top and those within their ranks. So when they come out and make remarks such as “Let black kids be janitors; Require women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion; If it is a legitimate rape (by the way no rape could be legitimate.  The very word “rape” implies an unlawful action.) or suggest that women live for ” uncle sugar” (whoever that is and I guess he means Uncle Sam) to provide birth control measures because Democrats think women can’t control their libido” it’s is inculcated in the culture. And who is this Republican perched on his soapbox preaching a sermon on the “Voluntary submission of women to their husbands”? Some men don’t deserve the submission of women at all-voluntary or involuntary. They haven’t earned the right in their behavior or support. However, whatever is from the Word of God is good and truth. The same Bible that is supposed to govern the behavior of women is also supposed to govern the behavior of men. Some of these same pontificating Republicans are exhibiting shameful behavior in the public arena. Just take a backward glance at some of those in the 2012 Republican primary. Why are Republicans off on a junket trying to make America believe they’re grounded in righteous behavior? Maybe they are but what America sees doesn’t seem to speak of righteousness.  Oh, I got it-they’re trying to attract more Evangelicals to their camp by quoting from the Bible. My gut tells me this is another one of their disingenuous tactics. It probably will not work either because focused Christians are paying more attention to what they do than what they say. If Republicans want to quote the Bible, that’s good. if they want to live it that’s better. The Bible says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. They must want a lot of bad coming back at them because they are certainly dishing out a lot. The Bible says “Thou shall not steal”. The Republican’s behavior suggests they are some of the biggest thieves on the planet. The Bible says “Feed the hungry and clothe the naked”. Umm, all those budget cuts and budget fixes and cost of living adjustments are putting more people in poverty without the ability to feed themselves and clothe themselves. What’s more; the Republicans’ efforts have virtually destroyed the Middle Class in America and made the gap between the rich and the poor wider that it’s been at any time in recent history. One per-cent of the wealthy in America has assets equal to 85-percent of other Americans. The Republicans don’t care-they go right on smiling. They are even against women earning equal pay for equal work. What logic or common sense tells anybody-Democrat or Republican-there is no redeeming value in paying anyone the same for performing an equivalent task? If a two-year old can perform a task a forty-year old man can perform he should get equivalent pay. For certain; women should get equal pay for equal work but the Republicans say “not so”. Are these Neanderthal men? Does not their behavior evidence where they think a woman’s place should be?

Politics is more psychology than science. Smart politicians don’t embrace dumb fights-they pick their battles. For any party or politician to take on battles against the positions women believe in and desire is plain dumb strategy and every time “dumb” is tried by the Republicans they lose. It was suggested that Huckabee (the one who made the remark about a woman’s libido) was a smart politician. Well, what makes one think so? His inability to reach the finish line (on more than one occasion) in his desire to be president isn’t the mark of a smart politician. One of Huckabee’s biggest problems is he doesn’t seem to know when to open his mouth and when he does he doesn’t seem to know what to say. Huckabee tried to clean up the remark about “Women’s libido” by saying “Republicans aren’t in a war against women; they’re in a war for women”. If this is true indeed, why can’t Republicans pass the “Equal pay for women” bill? Cannot Huckabee convince them to do it so the fight for women will take on more credibility? Smart politicians have a “good read” on what the people want them to say and what may be said to please a broad segment of the electorate. Smart politicians are likely to be able to do simple math and have some idea of how the statistics read. Simple math and statistics suggest that women comprise a large segment of the voting population. A smart politician wouldn’t want to turn them off. If the politician is able to go beyond basic math and basic statistics he may know what segment of the female population is likely to be turned on or off by a particular remark. Some seem surprised at the gaffs Huckabee comes out with from time to time. It is suggested that he is sometimes compassionate and shows concern over the lot of the poor. Is this the real Huckabee or does he try whatever he thinks will work at the time? Information out there suggests that it took a church congregation (that Huckabee pastored) seven years to admit its first black member. That was in Arkansas where it would not have been convenient to push a black upon a prejudiced white congregation. Since Mike Huckabee became a Fox News commentator he drives the FOX political lines without deviation. However, that’s for money and some will sell their soul to the devil for a dollar. I’m not suggesting that he is one of those but do we really know for sure?

Some of the issues the Republicans are attempting to embrace lately are issues of morals and hardly any of them are in a position to lead on moral issues. It was once said that “You can’t lead where you don’t go and you can’t teach what you don’t know”. Looking within the Republican ranks you’re likely to witness a climate of near moral bankruptcy-as much as you would find among any other group or party. Yet; the Republicans are attempting to be moral legislators. You can’t legislate morals. On the issue of abortion and what women choose to do concerning their body is between them and God. There are other moral issues being compromised daily and the Republicans are guilty of compromising all at one time or another. These compromises are between the Republicans and their God-if they indeed serve one. The”morals issues argument” and the push-back against women is merely another theme the Republicans think is timely. They’re wrong again-wrong argument; wrong time.

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