The Children-Is It Possible?

Could there be a possible link between the rise in substance abuse and the rise in the off-track behavior of children? This rise established a strong footing in the sixties and post-sixties period. The substance abuse in question includes street drugs, prescription drugs and designer drugs. Designer drugs were formally introduced to the landscape (on a large scale) within a timeline embracing the sixties and beyond. These drugs (by whatever name they come and whatever varying effects they carry) aren’t completely new to mankind. Going far back in history there is evidence of man pursuing plant matter in which was found substances that altered his cognitive thinking perspective. Artie Kornfeld, the dreamer, creator and promoter of the big “Woodstock Project” was said to be (in an article written in 2009) a user and abuser of psilocybin. Some of the past philosophical figures often found roots in plant matter that could be prepared in a form that when ingested would put them in a desired state of altered awareness. Other original dwellers or indigenous peoples of the Americas (including those native to North, South and Central America) found substances in various plant matter that lent themselves to various uses in the areas of mind control and state of being. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms and it acts in a manner similar to that of “LSD” when taken into the human experience. It is quickly converted by the body into psilocin which has mind altering effects similar to “LSD”. Other such designer drugs include “ayahuasca”, and “justicia pectoralis-both fitting the classification of psychedelic drugs. Ayahuasca is a psychedelic brew of various plant infusions. On the other hand justicia pectoralis is an herb belonging to a family of flowering plants-water willow. They are readily identifiable in areas of Latin America, Haiti, Dominica and Martinique. In times past various concoctions were often prepared and ingested in preparation for feasts or celebrations. The natives of the various lands of the world got to know plants well and the efficacy of their various uses in these areas.

The Changing Landscape of Drugs and Its Connection

What was it about the sixties that seemed to have ushered in a dramatic turning point in America’s innocence or was America ever innocent? More changes probably came about in the 60s than in any other decade before or after. Was it at this time that Satan robbed America of its innocence or did God say “You aren’t really representing me or teaching your children to fear me so I’m revealing the truth about America”? Drug use reached epidemic proportions in the sixties and “Woodstock” became a symbol of that arrival. The gathering of more than 500,000 people at a rock “n” roll concert in August of 1969 was hailed as an atmosphere of sex, drugs and rock “n” roll. People sang, danced and made love-in the open under the sun and moon and some compromised, crazy children were born of this celebration. They’re still crazy and their offspring are acting out with parents not knowing why. Could there be a designer drug connection; a marijuana connection? The picture of Woodstock was chronicled in an article by Glen Garvin from 14 August, 2009 printed by (MCT) McClatchy Newspaper. This gathering bore witness to rampant drug abuse, outdoor sex and whatever else came on the heels of a “psychedelic high”. They converged on Woodstock from all over America. When they left they took back their “highs”, their newly-discovered means of escape from reality and a good sense of bad values. They took them back to, Oklahoma, Colorado, DC, Connecticut, Florida, California and Arizona. The excuse for this gathering, this looseness and this behavior had its roots in the events surrounding the VietNam War. It was a spirit of rebelliousness and an effort to free pent-up spirits. The aftermath of this freedom and behavior left scars on some of today’s “baby boomers” who (now) are of the age for social security and “depends”. Lots of misguided parents and children were left in the wake of this “drug coming out”. It could not help but impact children along the way. Artie Kornfeld, the promoter of Woodstock lost his daughter to an overdose of cocaine. Did she learn the drug behavior from her dad? Did he teach her how or was it in her blood to become? Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died approximately a year after Woodstock from a drug overdose. It was noted that nine out of ten festival goers were getting high from marijuana. Did the parents direct them in the art of “getting high” or did they learn it on their own at “Woodstock”? In addition to marijuana use “brown acid” (LSD) was promoted and not without accompanying warnings.

Designer drugs are psych-reactive drugs and all such substances have the potential to alter ones present state of being. All substances when negatively used carry the potential of reeking long-term havoc on the user and quite possibly on the well-being of a potential offspring. It is impossible to dismiss the notion that these such drugs (also known as psychedelic drugs) causing the symptoms and effects as concluded would not have the potential of long lasting genetic or cell alterations that could impact a future offspring. Among the symptoms of these designer or psychedelic substances are: numbness, weakness, nausea, increased heart rates, elevated blood sugar, nausea, hypothermia, hyperthermia, sleeplessness and tremors. Some symptoms and side effects are universal among all such substances; while others are specific to the type of drug or type of user. In all of the studies that have been conducted none seems willing to take a conclusive position on the long range or lasting effects derived from having used these substances. Either they don’t want to or don’t feel they can come to such a scientific conclusion about the act of taking the drug itself. Science has already voiced support surrounding certain conclusions as they relate to pregnancy and fetal development. In consideration of these conclusions could the “crazy” in children have a link to the crazy behavior of their parents? The world (in general) owes the people an explanation for the behavior of the children of today. America (in particular) owes the American people an explanation for the behavior of America’s children. America is the world of the American people. The American children of two generations past and of today are products of those who came of parental age subsequent to the 1960s. A child born in 1965 would be 49-years of age in 2014 and his or her offspring could be any age ranging from fourteen to thirty three-give or take a few years. So this generation that came of parenting age subsequent to the nineteen sixties began to father and bear children who could often have been the outcome of physical and/or mental parental compromise. I was once told by one of my high school classmates that he was not going to raise his children like his parents raised him-they were too strict. There was something very significant about the nineteen sixties and beyond that seemed to cause a pivotal shift in America’s thinking and behavior. It is suggested that the period prior to the sixties had some structure and seemed to know where things were headed. The sixties seemed to have ushered in a new desire and analysis of who God was and what He might be doing in the affairs of men. The God of the universe prior to the sixties didn’t change after the fifties, the sixties or even today. It may have been man’s new-found intelligence that told him (at that juncture) that he had misunderstood God prior to the sixties and now had found a new sense of awareness of who God really was. Man has always and will always misunderstand God in terms of how He operates in the affairs of men. God has always been and will always be beyond man’s ability to understand. However, man can glean much from God’s Word concerning what God will or will not do “if?” The sixties seemed to have given America a desire to escape the rationality of the past and pursue a new sense of spiritual freedom-to seek a new flow of desires and behavior. These desires and behavior didn’t suggest a more godly and spiritual direction but a direction away from God and a behavior displeasing to God. A former high school teacher was reflecting on how things once were prior to the sixties. She was saying how you could walk down the streets of the neighborhood on Sunday morning and hear the music coming from the windows of the small homes. The music you heard was the likes of “Wings over Jordan”. Subsequent to the fifties the music you would hear would was the likes of acid rock and funk. LSD was popular with the “Hippie” subculture during the 1960s. It powerfully shaped the direction of the popular music of the day. It retained a youth following into the seventies. The sixties put America in the throes of shedding its Godly-founding principles and taking on those principles controlled by the demons of the world. The guiding principles of that day didn’t guide at all-they were free-flowing.

When Designer Drugs Came In

The new drug culture ushered in an opportunity to grab on to something that would allow man to escape from who he was to somebody he thought he wanted to be. The drugs on the landscape (including SCP, DOM and LSD (just to name some of the forerunners) helped men lose themselves. DOM is known on the street as “STP”-Serenity, Tranquility and Peace. Isn’t it strange to think something that so alters the mind will give one serenity, tranquility and peace? Some of the drug users lost themselves and their lives. The serenity, tranquility and peace came in death. Others remained in life in an altered state of being. Some were responsible for bringing forth offspring-some of whom may be among the crazy children acting out as adults. Crazy children become crazy adults if they live that long. Some of the crazy adults continued in their association with designer drugs and continued to bring forth offspring that still wreak havoc all over America. How many parents will stand up and suggest that “my child may be “off” because of designer drugs?” Do you find it strange that when one of these crazy kids drives a truck loaded with dynamite up to a Federal Building and sets it off killing a host of innocent people the parents can hardly admit the child was crazy and even if the child was the parents seem never to know why the child was crazy? Do you find it strange that a young person can go into an elementary school and leave scores of young children and teachers dead and the parent can hardly admit to his insanity or what this insanity derived from? Could the parents of either of these children have used designer drugs? One of the children on a killing spree killed his mama first. Could she or his father have been partakers of these designer drugs? Could the child have been told that or become aware of such a possibility of that putting him in an altered state of not being able to cope? One child on today’s landscape throws bricks through his mama’s car window. It is said he suffers from “anger management”. Who or what caused that suffering? Did he bring it on himself or did his mama endow him with that lack of the ability to cope with the ordinary challenges of life. Is it possible for designer drugs to have had a hand in that child’s behavior? From whence cometh the “crazy” in the parent who attempted to drive her car into the ocean with her children aboard? What about the crazed men who kill the wife, all the children and themselves or the various women who killed their children and themselves? Were these victims of designer drugs or could their parent(s) have passed along bad genes?

Is It the Before or the After?

That notion of not desiring to properly discipline a child (in itself) often led to compromised parenting and compromised children. However, the issue goes much deeper than what you do about children after they enter the world; it’s what you do about the child before it comes into the world-the child to be nurtured in the womb. I am referring to that space of time before and after conception. The condition of a developing fetus has much to do with the condition of the male sperm that is put forth to join with the female fertilization process to start the journey of a living organism-a child. My credentials aren’t in the medical profession nor in the science profession but both the medical and the science have made it clear the condition of the male and female uniting in conception will affect the nature of the child to be born. It has been concluded and seconded by the medical and the science professionals that a developing fetus eats what the mother eats; drinks what the mother drinks; takes on the mother’s elements of stress and digest the chemical compromises fed into the development process from both the father and the mother. Since this has been concluded medically and scientifically we can establish the position that drugs or substances-legal or illegal-that have the potential to alter the mind of would-be parents could also have the potential to alter the mind of a would-be child. We’ve all witnessed (first hand) “crack babies”,”HIV babies” and “ADHD babies”. The generations subsequent to the sixties became the “break-out” generations. Many behaviors and indulgences became acceptable that heretofore were unacceptable. Even the “over-the-top” became the normal. The first question in my mind is “What could have brought mankind-especially in America-to such a state of change in desire and indulgence?” There are all kinds of answers to this question being bantered about. Could this behavior and posture be a profound and significant beginning of “The Last Days”? Things that put man in a quandary to explain or understand are often being orchestrated by God in those particular events. Man is the highest form of intelligence on our planet (earth) and if there is something he can’t explain or understand he can’t get an answer from the beast of the field, the fowl of the air or the fish of the sea. The intelligence of God (only) is above that of all living creatures-including man. Can man ask God “What’s happening”? Sure; he can. Will he get an answer from God? Sometimes he will and oftimes he will not; except from the Bible-the book that chronicles where man was; where he is and where he is headed. As a matter of fact; the Bible answers most (if not all) of man’s “ifs” and “whys”. The Bible forewarned of the times we are presently experiencing. Some of the parallels are in alignment with what the Bible said would be coming. Are the parallels we are witnessing true in light of the Word of God? We know the Word of God is all truth-always-but are the events such as the word said they would be or are they open to man’s interpretation of what’s taking place? Another question surrounding the events of today (as they impact children) is “Can things playing out in the behavior of children be rooted in the past behavior or even present behavior of parents”? Could the past behavior be impacting the physical and mental instability of today’s offspring? The community of psychology is virtually silent on the issue of the possibility of drug abuse having something to do with the high degree of mental instability among America’s children and adults-especially the post-sixties generations. These generations have seen a significant increase in the use of street drugs, prescription drugs and designer drugs. This increase has impacted an even younger segment of the population; although there may be a slight downtick in some areas of abuse among young people. Is the lack of desire on the part of psychology to speak to the issue of parental drug abuse and offspring physical and mental compromise a reluctance to indict parents for such behavior because many of our parents have failed in this area-including psychology parents?

Street drugs have always been with us but today they are more available and while they are not cheap; they are more affordable. They are more dangerous and lend themselves to more compromise by the street peddlers.

Prescription drugs are also more available-even to those who don’t really need them. Doctors are quicker to write prescriptions because dispensing legal drugs has become a profitable business for doctors and pharmaceuticals alike. The more prescriptions doctors write the more money they will rake in. Has that some relationship to greed and is today’s America really in the business of “greed”? Maybe it is the effort of a nation to help ease the citizens’ pains.

When it comes to those so-called “designer drugs” they can be produced and are being produced in home laboratories. One can take a simple cannabis plant and add an over the counter ingredient to produce a concoction giving one a type of sought-after high. Many of these concocted drugs can be extremely dangerous to one’s health-physical and mental-and often leave users compromised for life. If these drugs are that impacting on users does this not stand to reason that users in a state of euphoria could be open to doing anything-including participating in a pregnancy? Does it not stand to reason that if such drugs so alters a user they could also alter a fetus? The point to be considered here is the fact these drugs are being tried by teenagers and adults alike with little awareness or care concerning long lasting and possible permanent physical and mental damage. Are the children that are committing these dastardly acts of mayhem all over the landscape and almost on a daily basis the product or offspring of some of the designer drug users? Is there any parent who will step forward and admit he or she used “LSD”, “DMT”, “DOM”, “SCP”, “DOM” or even compromised cannabis?

Psychedelic drugs trigger panic attacks or feelings of extreme anxiety-referred to as a “bad trip”. Some suggests that they induced psychosis in people who appeared to have been healthy before use. A study suggested people using LSD took on a posture that could be like a twin to one who has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Because of the structure of SCP and easy accessibility-plant like similar to cannabis-it is being passed off as a natural and that (taken lightly) is dangerous. The risks associated with it are greater than those associated with cannabis. After marijuana it is the most illicit drug used by high school seniors. SCP users have typically used marijuana. One in nine high school students have reported using SCP. Eight to fourteen percent of college students have reported using SCP.

None of the designer or psychedelic drugs comes void of serious side effects. After use everything becomes magnified to the user; love, gratitude, joy, sympathy, lust, anger, pain, terror, despair and loneliness and all these may overwhelm the user. Short term memory becomes impaired and cognition and perception are altered.

One other question is “What could be driving some of the citizenry of America to such a behavior of abandonment?” Could this be the significant beginning of the end of America as a nation? Could America indeed be in a state of decline? There is nothing on the landscape saying otherwise. There are too many unexplainable events and laws taking place in America today and one must wonder what they are speaking to-designer drugs just happen to be one of them. The children are America’s tomorrow. If parental drug abuse destroys them what’s left of the nation?

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