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If my analogy has any parallel to the suggested behavior of Bill Cosby as voiced by the stream of women coming forth with accusations, we can logically assume “there cannot be so much smoke if there isn’t or never was a fire”.  Smoke is the offshoot of fire that has gone out; still smoldering or still burning.  I cannot nor do I have any desire to sit in judgment of Bill Cosby.  God judges the intentions and the act.  Intention is rooted in the heart.  Only God can read the heart of man-man doesn’t even know his own heart.  However, man should have (and often has) the ability to make fair and logical assessments.  The Word of God says in Matthew 7:16 “Ye shall know them by their fruits”.  This statement is repeated in Matthew 7:20 and says “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”.  The truth of the matter is, I have virtually no interest or concern about what Bill Cosby does in his life.  Neither do I have any interest in what the accusers of Bill Cosby did in their life.  However, since I am an opinion blogger and feel it okay to express my opinion on the matter concerning Bill Cosby and his accusers, I am going to do it in this piece.

There was a rumor or fact circulating some time ago about Bill Cosby being the father of a child outside of his marriage.  Bill Cosby denied being the father of the child by a woman he admitted was his lover but he did appear to have paid her $100,000 to make the matter and the woman go away.  It is indicated in the writing concerning this matter that the accuser at that time was sentenced to jail time for trying to extort a sum of money from Bill Cosby.  I don’t care if he was or was not the father of the child but the mere fact that he had this lover outside of his marriage and she was a large enough figure in his life for him to pay her this sum of money for her silence speaks to the nature of the man being accused.  There is nothing abnormal or unusual about the man having a lover outside of his marriage-both men and women are often guilty of this behavior.  Even as I pen this article there is a headline showing the arrest of two female teachers for having group sex with a sixteen-year old, male student.  That behavior is considered rape because the student was under the age of consent.  There is something not morally upright about this behavior but we live in a society where moral compromise is the order of the day.  Everything is accepted in America-from the bar-room to the boardroom and from the dens of worship to the dens of iniquity.  Some of all of these areas have points of moral compromise.  The behavior can be ascribed to many-both male and female alike.  It isn’t necessarily a moral failure but is certainly a moral breach.  God forgives and gives one another chance to get it right.  He is the God of a second chance and a third chance and even a fourth if one comes with a repentant heart.  However, I wouldn’t play so reckless with God’s forgiving and get swept down into hell unexpectedly.  In the case of Bill Cosby’s moral breach it does not give sway to one “living in a glass house and tossing stones”.  Bill Cosby seems to have done this on more than one occasion.

Bill Cosby’s Personal Persona

There seems to be nothing in Bill Cosby’s personal persona that indicates a countenance of a serial rapist.  The public persona certainly suggests otherwise-suggesting a man of a “Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde” personality.  The Bill Cosby known by the public before now was certainly not the one his accusers say he is or he has changed up on us.  Bill Cosby was seen (in the eyes of many) as the ideal family man-father and husband.  He exuded the values that every family-black and white alike-wanted to emulate.  He had what would be considered a normal childhood.  His father was a career serviceman and his mother was there to perform the duties of a wife and mother.  There are no written indications of dysfunction in his growing up.  His educational pursuits progressed along a normal path.  He had several pursuits in the sports area; some of which he did well.  He stumbled temporarily in his pursuit of education but eventually got that together and went on to higher educational accomplishments.  He seemed to have made his stage debut as a “funny man”.  That took him further into the arena of show business.  All of these various life strides seemed to have unfolded in a normal manner.  There is nothing in Bill Cosby’s public persona that suggests he was unnaturally attracted to underage individuals; although some came forth suggesting he pursued unwanted sexual advances.  One was as young as seventeen.  Some seventeen-year olds can be a bit fresh at times but an adult such as Bill Cosby was should have had the discipline to avoid such advances.  Maybe she could say “I told him to stop at some point and he didn’t”.  Does that excuse his unwanted sexual advance or vindicate the victim from any blame?  I believe all of these supposed victims who are coming forth were pursuing an agenda they felt Bill Cosby could help them accomplish.  In saying this, I’m saying they may have put temptation in the mix and Bill Cosby lacked the ability to “Yield not to temptation”.  There is an old saying that states “If you don’t want to cook stay out of the kitchen”.  Another saying was “Avoid the very presence of evil”.  I remember a situation several years ago where a young lady followed a celebrity home and got molested.  No, he had no right to do that but if she had not gone there she would not have put her moral integrity in jeopardy.  We must wake up and realize we’re living in morally-perilous times when virtually everything goes and virtually every woman-young or old-is at risk of sexual molestation.  We live in a society where young children-boys and girls alike-are at risk of sexual molestation.  It’s happening all over America and the molesters are getting away with it.  America today isn’t the “noble nation” Bill O’Reilly says it is.  This is where this so-called “noble nation” stands on the moral issues.  America is morally imploding as a nation.  Godliness has been tossed aside in the institutions as well as in the hearts and desires of individuals.  A female may thinks she has the right to walk around as scantily dressed as she pleases and no man has any right to bother her.  She’s right-that is her right-she has that right and she’s right again-no man has the right to bother her but one may.  She should not tempt the mentally and morally bankrupt of today’s American society.  Men will bother; they will molest and they will murder in the process.  A woman may think she has the right to work-up a man to the point of sexual arousal and when she says stop he should stop.  He may not.  Could this have been the situation with some of Bill Cosby’s accusers?  Women and men have different arousal buttons or maybe they have different control mechanisms and often there is no desire to turn back after arriving there.  Would some women exercise similar behavior if they had the strength to overpower?  Those ladies coming forth in accusations against Bill Cosby obviously didn’t know they were playing with fire.  However there are a few questions surrounding this entire Bill Cosby furor.

  1. The time line-the time elapsed prior to their coming forth leads me and should lead others to ask if the women had a hand in what may have happened.  Back in that day black men were lynched for sexually molesting white women.
  2. The fact that these women are publicly charging him (which slanders his reputation) and he doesn’t sue to shut them up is puzzling.
  3. Bill Cosby cannot be so kind and may not be so dumb as to think silence is the best policy in a situation such as this.  There has to be something beyond or behind the position of not responding to his accusers.
  4. It is difficult for me to conceive of the notion that someone could offer a potential victim a pill that has the possibility of altering the individual’s stability or countenance and the individual would willingly take it-especially if the individual is in her right mind.  Individuals even ask doctors what the prescribed pill is intended to do.
  5. Why would a vulnerable female not ask Bill Cosby a similar question?  Could the reason be the individual wanted to be in such an altered state so as to not feel guilty for the behavior or have an excuse for it?
  6. On the other hand if someone offers a drink that has the potential to put one in an altered state of stability does one willingly drink it?  If a female did this does that mean she wanted to be in such an altered state so she may be forgiven for her indiscretions?
  7. How does a man force a woman into a sexual act she can defend against if he is not applying lethal force and the force does not carry the potential to cause deadly bodily harm?

In none of these instances did I read or hear of Bill Cosby pulling a lethal, mechanical weapon.  I think his most deadly weapon was his ability to convince the vulnerable female there was something in it for her-something to be gained.  There are suggestions that some of them wanted that “something” and were willing to play games with a potential molester to get it.

Someone Out There knows Him

I think there is someone out there who knows the personal Bill Cosby and he or she may eventually surface.  Bill Cosby is obviously a “Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde” personality.  Maybe we will discover later from someone who knows more about him that he has toyed with drugs and learned the effects of various mind-altering substances or other.  It a bit of a stretch to think he knows enough about a certain substance to offer it to someone else and expecting a certain effect if he had not tried it on himself.  Could it be possible that he used some of these substances himself and they altered his personality-thereby introducing the split personality countenance?  I don’t know for certain but if I were a gambling man I would bet my last dollar that Bill Cosby and many others of his persuasion (being on the entertainment circuit as long as he has) have toyed with some type of non-prescription drug at one time or another.  This is my opinion concerning Bill Cosby and the firestorm following him these days.  My final opinion clings to the belief that Bill Cosby did do some or all of the things he was accused of doing but had some help from his accusers in getting there.  Could not it be a bit late for them to be brought forth now?  If they had kept silent maybe none would know except them and Bill Cosby.  What do they have to gain?  If he had a hand in this bizarre behavior can silence extricate him from this dilemma? Is this the legacy he and his accusers want to leave their spouse and family?  Sometime “silence is golden”.  It may not be in Bill Cosby’s case but may have been in the case of his accusers.


  1. Annette Fortt

    I’ve been very reluctant to talk about this and I notice this is generally true in my circles. I guess it’s because we don’t have a lot of heroes as a people and we are very reluctant to dethrone them – look at Marion Barry. But then the general public is in the business of dethroning heroes and, personally, I’m sick of all this public tarring and feathering because considering our common humanity this will go on ad nauseam. But you have braved the silence and I will say it’s about as fair an assessment as one could expect given the circumstance. It’s a good article that addresses a number of issues and in most cases I agree with you.


  2. OTT

    Gan, it’s a very thoughtful assessment of Bill Cosby and his reputation. The thing that get me is, he had all of the advantages of a person of wealth who could have paid very high class women to have sex with and be very discreet. (a win win situation). I am reminded of the Frank Sinatra RAT PACK back in the day. If he did what’s alledged, then it’s time to pay the piper, because he did do a lot of dancing to the music…..( no disrespect to any of his accusers)


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