The “Tweet” Page

A cook could cook something so delicious she would want the whole family to have some of it.  Another individual could write something so wonderful he would want it published and read all over the planet.  Someone else could say something so smart that he would want the whole world to hear it.  A builder(…)

21st-Century Gun Ballad

There’s a big gun battle being fought today Between the II Amendment and the NRA. They’re fighting for the right to own a gun; Not just for protection but also for fun. It’s not funny when you witness the dying And scan the faces of those people crying.   Some are obsessed-they want a plenty.(…)

Another Gun Fires – Another Family Cries

When Will It End? I have a reasonable amount of education but at this point I must admit that I’m suffering from a deep sense of stupidity when it comes to the II Amendment rhetoric. For the life of me; I am unable to get my brain around this over-the-top passion for multiple, high capacity(…)