Slave Mentality-The Scars Remain-Part II

Willie Lynch Letter-

The “slave mentality” is a posture of brainwashing that was put into place by slave masters in the days of American slavery.  It is a form of mental conditioning that took hold of the slave population and was ingrained and deeply embedded in the psychic of slaves and perpetrated down through the ranks of the majority, black offspring.  The difference between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois is Booker T. Washington was the product of a slave background and had been impacted by the brainwashing.  The DuBois family was part of a very small free black population and W.E.B. DuBois was void of this brainwashing.  If you look into the direction and beliefs of the two men you will see two entirely different social-conditioning perspectives taking shape.  DuBois family was a part of the population of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  His mother was descendant from Dutch, African and English ancestry. DuBois’ maternal great grandfather was an ethnic French American.  W.E.B. DuBois was born February 23, 1868.  Slavery had been three-years in the past by that time.  On the other hand Booker T. Washington was born into slavery on April 5, 1856.  He lived nine-years in the slave experience and obviously received all of the brainwashing commonly heaped on the slave population.  Such had to be adhered to in strict obedience.  Can there be science in the thinking of those who were born into slavery and those who were born free?  Certainly not.  It’s all social conditioning but from what and where does the conditioning come that makes some black people’s perspective diverge along opposite paths?  Some are strivers and believe in the benefits of getting a good education; believe cohesive family structures have merit and believe children should be born out of a structured family.  Other blacks settle for the minimum; drop out of school and become products of “baby mamas” and “baby daddies”.  This latter type can be referred to as bearing the scars of slavery.  They’re doing what they have been programmed to do from the parental conditioning garnered by the slave master’s manifesto.  As I was sifting through this mentally I kept asking myself what this meant. Slavery was abolished 149-years ago-roughly eight generations in the past.  So, how could a black person be impacted by the institution of slavery?  Then it dawned on me-the enlightened thought came down to “what a person thinks is likely to direct his goals”.  Some black men in America who are offspring of the slave system of America got their thinking from their parents, whose parents got theirs from their parents and all the way back to the social conditioning of the slavery system.  In reflecting on an issue I visited several years ago I came upon a point of connective reasoning.  I thought about a black property owner who owns land adjacent to land owned by a white property owner.  The white property owner posted a sign reading “Posted-No Trespassing” and the sign is still up.  The black property owner posted a similar sign and someone pulled it down.  When discussion about the sign was brought up with a black neighbor the remark was “We (black folk) don’t do that down here”.  The question was “Why not? “   It is obvious; that black individual had been programmed to think he had no right to the same liberties as his white counterpart-according to the social conditioning process.  A more recent incident found a black man in Ferguson, Missouri saying he was 100% behind the Ferguson Police Department.  He is probably the only black man in America who is.  He can’t help his thinking-he has been programmed.  And where did this programming come from?  The blueprint for this programming evolves from the Willie Lynch Letter.  That blueprint-that manifesto was suggested to be a guidebook on how to handle slaves and keep them in line.  This manifesto was said to have been introduced around the year 1712 by one, Willie lynch to a group of slave holders on the banks of the James River in Virginia.  It is suggested in some readings that the Willie Lynch Letter is a hoax.  In other readings it is being spun as a verbatim account of that speech by Willie Lynch on “The Secret of Controlling Slaves”.  However, some of the inaccuracies and terms used suggest it lacks authenticity.  Putting all of that aside; there is much in the posture, thinking and behavior of some in the black population that begs for explanation and the Willie Lynch Letter seems to speak succinctly to the emergence of this posture; this thinking and this direction of some black people.  The posture of some of the black people of today suggests a puzzling mindset that begs the question as to how they came to take the positions taken.  The contents and the secrets proposed by the Willie Lynch Letter seem to address all prior mysteries when it comes to understanding the behavior of some black people.  The letter-authentic or hoax-also gives much clarity to the thinking of some white Americans-past and present.  Nothing aside from this manifesto can sufficiently explain the programmed thinking of some coming out of both races.

 Distrust and Envy

One of the proposals of Willie Lynch to the slave masters was to create fear, distrust and envy among the slaves.  That offering still exist today among many black people-in America and outside of America.  It is small wonder we have had so many periods of genocide within the African countries over time.  The fear of the rise of other blacks carry a sense of distrust when it comes to each other.  When the Apartheid rebellion was taking root extreme punishment measures had to be exacted upon some blacks to serve as a warning to any who would betray the revolution.  Black people (in their day to day encounters) seem more willing to accept the offerings of whites before accepting those of blacks.  That’s why some blacks are quicker to patronize a white businessman over a black one.  I noticed how in some of the various network marketing businesses that sprung up across America in days past blacks would more readily accept a white up-line to enroll under than a black one.  Some blacks are more comfortable working for a white boss rather than a black one.  When it comes to black envy the “crab mentality” sufficiently explains Willie Lynch’s proposal on creating fear, distrust and envy.  It has been said that some blacks are like a bunch of crabs in a barrel.  If one starts climbing to the top of the barrel to get out and gets close to making it out of the barrel, the others will pull him down again.

Divide Them

Another Willie lynch suggestion was to divide the slave population by creating mental groups based on complexion, age, intelligence, size and gender.  I’m sure we can all remember the time before “black was beautiful”.  Black children can also remember the time when a teacher favored the children with the lighter complexion.  Those teachers suffered from the Willie Lynch mentality  which had somewhat gotten ingrained in children as they grew up.  That mentality is very much with us today.  Studies have been done to substantiate this conclusion.  Many black children have been conditioned to think a light complexion is more favored over a dark one.  When it comes to age, intelligence, size and gender the environment that one is thrown into becomes a strong determinant.  Some relationships think “younger” gets a premium; intelligence gets a premium; being male gets a premium and in today’s society, not being obese may get a premium in some instances but in others it may not even make a difference.  Weight and size in today’s world have been institutionalized and accepted as a normal part of the landscape.  It may not constitute a divisive factor among the population of today.

Independence or Dependence

I don’t quite understand the mentality of those who don’t desire independence but would rather rely on others or the public dole to supply their well-being.  Those “wired” in this manner are less likely to have an ingrained desire to be providers for their families and are more likely to walk away from wife and children.  Is not this behavior witnessed in large numbers among the black population of today?  Willie Lynch taught this as a means of weakening the fiber of a slave and a people-the black race of people.  Black people should make a liar out of the spun Willie Lynch mentality.


Willie Lynch spun the idea of “fearing black people”.  He likened black people to wild horses and suggested that either left in its natural state-if not broken-was dangerous.  Some of the whites of America must have deeply embraced this mentality; handed it down from generation to generation and it is now seen being played out on the streets of America today.  That’s why black men are so quick to be gunned down at the hands of white police officers.  Some other than white police officers have come to believe they can behave in like manner and get away with it-as long as the person killing is white and the one dying is black.  The murderers have a natural instinct to hate and fear black people.  Willie Lynch conditioned the fore-parents of these fearful, hateful American whites.  His conditioning left a permanent impression in the minds of the white slave owners-an impression that would be passed from generation to generation.

Break the Will to Resist

Ever since slavery the whites of America have ladened the blacks of America with such burdens that they seem determined to apply in breaking the black man’s will to resist.  For this to be effective blacks must lend a helping hand towards their effort and many are doing just that.  Too many are dropping out of school; mothering and fathering children they can’t support and putting themselves at odds with the law.  That renders them incapable of getting a good job that is necessary to support a family and moving themselves up the economic ladder.  When they are unable to do this, many walk away from family and some ultimately end up incarcerated and broken.   It breaks their natural desire to seek an independent path in life and their natural will to resist the striving towards a state of independence.

Destroy the Black Male Image

It was said in days of old that the power in America is vested in the hands of white men and black women.  White men were definitely in control of the nation-including control of all blacks.  Some black women were conditioned by the Willie Lynch Letter to keep the black man in constant fear of destruction at the hands of the American white.  That weakened the black male and subjected him to a role often subservient to his woman.  The idea was to destroy the black male’s image.  The black slave woman proceeded to raise her male offspring in a reverse role-out of fear for his survival.  She knew that if he rebelled in the slightest way against a controlling white system he was subject to pay with his life.  Even on those many occasions when the white male entered the abode of an adult black male and demanded the black male’s wife come with him for sexual gratification, the black man lacked the power to disallow it.  He had to remain silent and obedient.  The black woman had raised him to be weak so as to not make any waves within the white establishment.  The slave woman taught her male offspring his place and insisted he stay in it.  Black parents have to do the same thing today for fear of having their sons (and even their daughters) killed at the hands of fearful, racist white elements.  We’re reaching the point in America whereby the white person’s fear of black women runs almost parallel to their fear of black men.  Maybe the armed camp has brought this about.

Erase Their History

The Willie Lynch psychology proposed a complete eradication of the mental history of black people in America.  At that time (during slavery) they had no physical history to chronicle.  White America wanted to create (in the psychic of black people) a web of historical illusions.  They wanted the blacks to have no history of the place from whence they came and how and why they ended up in America.  Now do you understand why many of the old history books of America chronicled very little of the black man’s past accomplishments and contributions?  There is a movement afoot today to erase (from the history books of America) the Civil Rights struggles and Movements.   Groups such as Americans for prosperity are attempting to spin these historical black struggles as negative American History.  It is customary for human nature to gravitate back to the roots from whence it evolved-its historical baseline.  That is why we are witnessing a frantic search by people interested in knowing from whence they cometh. is getting business.  Willie Lynch proposed a complete disconnect from the mother tongue and culture.  If you can remember the scene from the saga, “Roots” you may can recall the white man’s effort to make Kunta Kinte embrace his new American name-Toby.  He wanted no part in the name.  First; what kind of name is Toby-is it a dog’s name?  The only “toby” found in the Dictionary of the English Language defines inanimate objects.  You won’t find “Toby” among the names in the dictionary of the English language.  Supposing someone would have tried to name a newborn white child “Kunta” instead of Benjamin or George?  Kunta Kinte’s African name was one of the few connections that remained of the land he was spirited away from and brought in chains to a land that he neither knew nor loved.  We need not lose sight of the fact that his own brothers of the land of his heritage were instrumental in selling him and other Africans into bondage.  Could the likes of Willie Lynch have had a hand in that cultural divisiveness among black people?  The Willie Lynch speech was made in 1712 which was some eighty-eight years after the French and English began to colonize the West Indies and bring slaves there to fill a labor shortage.  Willie Lynch operated a slave plantation in the West Indies. The first slave arrived in America in 1619 on the “Man O’War.  The first major colonization of the West Indies began five-years later.  It is quite possible that Willie Lynch experimented with the ideas in his letter after employing the tactics among the African people.  He had plenty time to do so during a span of years between 1624 and 1712.  Could not the division among black people have taken root in those black countries?  Have we not seen rampant acts of genocide throughout the African continent for centuries?  Maybe there were many Willie Lynchs on the landscapes stirring up division among black people.


Finally Willie Lynch proposed crossbreeding white men with black slave women in an effort to create more human specimens with a host of qualities, including intellect and brute strength.  We can’t be so certain that intellect prevailed among the white, slave owner population either.  What they did get from this bonding of white slave owners with black slave women was a strain of mixed cultures-some of which are indistinguishable from full-blooded whites.  In most cases they were fathered and forgotten.  Some of those offspring have their roots in American Presidents.  It was suggested that good, white blood be put in as many black women as possible to make a strain of better black people.  I don’t quite understand this.  Were not the white women good enough to continue that race or were white males merely availing themselves to the free pleasures of black women?  With all things being considered in light of whether the Willie Lynch Letter is authentic or a hoax; one thing we can’t escape is the fact that behavior among many black people bear witness to teachings such as those coming out of the Willie Lynch Letter.  Could this merely be a coincidence?  What could anyone have to gain by disavowing this Letter?  After all; truth is what truth is and as far as I’m concerned the proposals of his letter still reverberate today among black people.  What black people must learn to do is leave the psychology or philosophy of Willie Lynch on the plantations where slavery ended in 1865 and embrace the philosophy of a freed people.

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  1. Annette Fortt

    Well written and lots of good information about the Willie Lynch letter. It is true that everything that happens in the history of a person or a people has an effect on their future however how it affects them is a matter for discussion.


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