Quiz #1

  1. What were the words uttered about the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and what president uttered them?
  2. Eight year old Tommy is inviting 24 of his friends to his birthday party. He wants to give each one 10-pieces of his favorite candy. Each piece weighs ½ ounce. He wants to have 2-pieces for each of his eight years left for himself. How many pounds does his mother need to buy?
  3. How many yards are in 1-mile?
  4. Name five of the original 13 Colonies.
  5. What Biblical Book comes immediately before the book of Psalms and which one comes immediately after?
  6. How many Senators serve in the Senate and how are the numbers determined?
  7. Who was our 41st President?
  8. Which presidential wife/wives birthed the most children?
  9. Where was the shot fired that started the Civil War?
  10. Who wrote Rhapsody in blue?


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