Positive Parenting

There are certain things you don’t do with your children or for your children if you love them. There are certain behavior patterns you won’t fail to correct in your children if you are properly disciplining them. There are certain things you won’t leave your children (in another person’s care) to go and do. The three most important requirements that can help assure a successful parenting experience are: love, discipline and being there.

I would guarantee that if you apply these disciplines with balance you are likely to look back on a successful parenting journey. On the other hand, I would state-without a doubt-that if you fail in any one of these areas you will fail as a parent.

What does it mean to have a successful parenting experience-to have a properly raised child? A properly raised child is one who listens and accepts the positive guidance of the parent or guardian; respects the institution of authority; steers free of trouble with the law; strives to keep conversations and actions on a higher moral plane; stays in the educational environment long enough to satisfy herself or himself that she is properly equipped (by reason of education) to earn a satisfactory living relative to her or his own desire and one who has learned from interacting with others how to fairly treat her or his fellow man.

In the process of accomplishing this, you don’t buy toys for your child that he doesn’t need or that you can’t afford. If it is not needed or you can’t afford it, it is a toy-except for the basics of food, shelter, clothing, health maintenance and education. You don’t socialize with your child in any negative behavior or any behavior that compromises your position as a parent. You’re never to be your child’s equal.

By the time parents are at the point of bringing a child into the world, they are responsible for knowing the difference between proper and improper behavior. To not know any better is unfortunate; to not do any better is criminal.

You should only be absent from your child to go and perform the necessary chores of work and maintaining the home and it’s good to take your child with you whenever it’s convenient to do so. Leaving your child too often for social reason will surely lead to failed parenting. Having or pursuing a profession that requires extended absence from your child is a formula that will assure failure.


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