Policing With Fear and Hatred

Do you remember “Bull Conner”-the Alabama Chief of Police during the Civil Rights marches?  Along with that memory should be the memory of his “police dogs agenda”.  Those memories should be permanently embedded in the mental archives of America so law enforcement in America can be admonished to never go there again.  Even so, law enforcement in America has all but risen to that level of prior behavior.  One police officer recently voiced that same police dog sentiment towards demonstrators so the hate coming from some of the nation’s police officers is still very much with us.  It is more than a fair assumption that most of those who join the various police forces across the nation join with an agenda that’s other than protecting the public from the criminal elements of our society.  Many who join become one of those criminal elements and the truth of this has been frequently witnessed and well documented.  Other police officers have “vindication agendas” and find the police force a good place to play out this “get even agenda”.  In addition to the above-mentioned reasons for becoming a police officer there are probably numerous others-some not known to the individual and some not known to others.  One thing we should all agree on is being a police officer rewards one with a sense of power and control.  Some policemen take that sense of power and control to the extreme and come to feel they can and should control everything in their path.  They seem to have come to feel that when the command goes out to “jump” the response should be immediate and ask “how high”.  The victim is often not given the opportunity to respond before the officer begins sending rapid-fire ammunition to the victim’s body.  Is the command “on the ground” given out of fear of imminent danger to the officer and when it is obeyed does it immediately dispel that fear?  In the old days the command was “hands up”.  Now it’s “on the ground” immediately-not caring if you burst your head or nose on the way down.  If you fail to hit the ground fast enough and are black, you are likely to be shot to death.  The vast majority of police officers (the vast majority are white) seems to fear blacks like they fear Ebola and hate them with equal passion.  I think the hate is worse than the fear because fear is a concern about another’s ability or an element to do you harm.  How could you be in fear of someone possibly harming you after putting a shot of high impact ammunition into his body?  The ammunition used by today’s police officers enters the flesh and rips apart flesh, veins, bones and organs on the way in and out of the body.  This (almost immediately) neutralizes one’s ability to fight back.  Could not a pursuing police officer (at the least) look at the victim to see if he is still a threat before unleashing more gunshots?  Does a police officer so fear the victim or does he so hate the victim?  Is shooting a man five or more times on the way down fear or hatred?  Oh; maybe it is fear-not fear of bodily harm but fear of leaving the victim alive to testify against him.  Wrapped up in the fear are hate and an utter disregard for human life-the life of a person of color.

It ShouldIn’t Be Easy

It shouldn’t be easy for a normal human being to kill another human being.  If you’re a soldier you often must kill to save your own life or that of a buddy or buddies.  Sometimes that’s not easy because the human qualities in you tell you the other human being could be you if the roles were reversed.  If you’re in law enforcement you may have to make a choice to take the life of a bad person to save the life of a good person.  Even in an instance such as this a normal, rational human being would seek to spare the life of the bad person and let the justice system determine what his punishment should be.  Anytime you take one’s life (whatever the situation) you’re applying your personal justice-justified or unjustified.  Sometimes it may be necessary to make a split-second decision out of fear-sometimes it’s not.  These (so-called) split second decisions made by law enforcement individuals all across the country are often born of hate-not fear.  Hate should not be the grounds for taking any life. On a battlefield when the need to kill rises to a level of hate (as opposed to survival) the soldier is losing it.  He is becoming unglued and his mental faculties have become misaligned.  Soldiers are taught to hate the enemy because of the danger he presents.  Are law enforcement officers in America taught to hate black men because they are the enemy of law enforcement and present a real and present danger?  Are they taught the real and present danger is more so with blacks as opposed to with whites?  The answer to that is “Yes” because various studies have been conducted in this area and they all point to the fact that law enforcement personnel react more aggressively when confronting someone black than when confronting a white.  Is that part of the rationale behind the epidemic of black killings and racial profiling across the nation?  Black people in America have contributed overwhelmingly towards the good in every aspect of this nation and no amount of brainwashing should justify this strain of American whites who are spinning black people (overall) in a negative light-as criminal and dangerous.  Black people have helped to build this nation; grow this nation and fight this nation’s wars (and died) to maintain the peace and security that whites also enjoy.  Then why does the legal structure of America allow a group of renegade, hate-filled police officers to go about indiscriminately killing black people?  I believe the vast majority of those serving in law enforcement are decent, rational and mentally normal.  However, behavior within the ranks suggests there are too many bad apples that need to be taken out from among them and better examination procedures need to be put in place to avoid “mixing in fruit” that will potentially taint the crop.  Some of these law enforcement officers who came to the profession with a flawed agenda should not have been on the job in the first place.  Hate and fear are both compromising qualities that jeopardize one’s ability to make rational decisions.  Let us just think for a moment about some of the killings of black people by white police officers.  Some of these individuals were shot as they began to beg for their life or falling down from mortal wounds.  One individual kept saying he couldn’t breathe and the police officers continued choking him until he was dead.  That behavior is “big”.  You’ve got to be cold-hearted and cold-blooded to kill a man who is no longer a threat and begging you to spare his life.  Your agenda has to go far beyond fear to put bullets into an unarmed man’s head and face while his hands are up and he is falling down.  That is not fear of one’s own safety-that is hate personified.  If you did this to an enemy on a battlefield or the enemy did this to you that would be hate.  Then why is this happening on the streets of this nation?

What is the Source of Such Hatred?

Could it be possible that God left an encrypted message in His word that designate “WASP” people to rule the world?  I’m still searching history and God’s Word to see if there is such a message and if I’ll be able to understand it. The Caucasian peoples of the world haven’t stated in words that God did do such a thing but they act (everyday) as if He did indeed put them in charge with such a mandate.  Throughout the epochs of history civilizations other than White Anglo Saxon Protestants have ruled but maybe that was a fluke of history.  Dynasties have changed hands throughout history and America was no exception.  It is said by history that the first Americans arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.  The first slaves arrived on the Man O’ War a year earlier and the settling Pilgrims claimed them as their own.  The slaves were contraband snatched illegally from their homeland and brought to America in chains.  The Americans justified the ownership of slaves as being ordained by the Bible.  When the Pilgrims and the slaves arrived they met the Native Americans here. I guess the Pilgrim settlers thought God meant for them to be in charge of the Native Americans also.  Being in charge must have meant conquering them and that the white settlers did.  They killed off as many as they could lay hands on and assigned the rest to a life of misery on reservations.  Indeed it left a “Trail of Tears”.  I guess their actions represented “survival of the fittest”.  Supposed God had dealt with the human family (in general) in such a way.  None of us would have been selected to continue the human family.  The compromise goes back to Adam and Eve.  Once the White Anglo Saxon Protestants settled the Native Americans they turned their attention to the slave issue in earnest.  Their focus was to get as much blood, sweat and tears out of the slave population (for as long as they could) to enrich themselves.  It is written that “all good things must come to an end” and slavery was no exception.  The institution of slavery lasted 246-years and has been legally outlawed for 149-years.  The slave population was predominantly black and the “WASP” of America continued to push down on blacks with a strain of virulent hatred that should defy an ordinary person’s ability to understand-that includes me.  What did the forefathers of these haters tell their offspring about black people?  Why do these offspring think it’s justifiable for a white person to murder a black but is in no way justifiable for a black to murder a white?  Whites have been murdering blacks throughout the centuries and supported in their behavior.  The list of murdered blacks can fill a book and each one was sanctioned as justifiable.  Money was raised to defend them all.  When white America gives a fix to an obviously unjustifiable slaying I have to question the psychic of the fixers.  The only obvious reason I’m able to come up with is their deep-seated, long-standing hatred of black people.  Whites throughout the world give their own desired spin to a circumstance and seem to not care whether the world accepts it or not.  How do they justify calling Patrick Henry a patriot and Nelson Mandela a terrorist?

Maybe Psychologist have an answer.  They seem to have a “spin” on everything else.  The truth is; policemen come to the police force with their biases, their fears and their hatred already in place-they were taught that way.  What they know about black people is what they have been taught and quite often that teaching distorts the image of black people in general and black men in particular.  In recalling lines from an old Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “The King and I” some of the lyrics say “You got to be taught to hate and fear; you got to be taught from year to year.  It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear; you got to be carefully taught-you got to be carefully taught.”  These potential police officers grow up as young children hearing their parents and others refer to blacks as criminals, lazy and dangerous.    It’s drummed in their dear little ear.  When these little Caucasian boys grow up and choose to be police officers (armed with those powerful weapons) they must decide they can and will whip these lazy, dangerous, black criminals into shape.  When they reach their place of assignment they’re under a commander or commissioner who was raised with similar views towards black people and this commander probably stresses “Be careful of black men;-they’re dangerous”. They  probably are also given a “take no prisoners” orientation speech-especially when it comes to black men.

Since a police officer’s job is to protect the public it behooves him to know as much as possible about those he is sworn to protect.  The fallacy of this is you don’t really get to know the entity you may fear and hate.  That entity is a threat to your existence and your primary goal is to neutralize that threat.  The police officers may also be assured that if you do kill a black man the force, the police union and your white constituents have your back.  If this were not so police officer may think twice before executing a suspect or killing anyone in cold blood.  To a white police officer a black’s life seems to have no meaning or value.  That is quite sad because the victim of murder is a brother, a son, a father or a husband.  To a caring human being this would matter.  To some white police officers it doesn’t matter and they don’t care.  There is one thing I will guarantee-beyond any doubt-God requires us all to pay-we all reap what we sow  I don’t care if one doesn’t believe in God or his power, he pays anyhow.  You don’t have to believe to pay for your actions.  It’s now time for our society to step up and step in.  Laws don’t always change hearts but they often change behavior.  There needs to be some accountability and change from this wave of black men being murdered by white police officers.  Studies have shown that police officers feel more threatened when it comes to black men.  I wonder why that is.  Could it be that black men have been so abused that the abusers fear he has a desire to get even?  Black men have been abused at the hand of hate and (I’m sure) some wish they could get even.  Wouldn’t you?  Feeling threatened by a black man is understandable fear-based on what white people know and feel about black people.  Once the threat is neutralized the fear should leave.  This often does not happen.  Once the fear leaves the hate takes over.  The police officer continues the deadly aggression until the individual is dead-that’s hate.  That’s wrong; God doesn’t like it and we all pay-one way or another.  This is true beyond any doubt.

How Do We Fix It?

First we must change the rules of engagement and enforce the rules of change.  New York had a rule on the books barring choke holds.  Police officers applied choke holds anyway and the system won’t enforce the rule.  It is attempting to justify the police officers’ behavior.  If the rules of conduct are breached there should be speedy and uncompromised consequences-no excuses and no fixes on behalf of the officer who breaks the rules.  We must discontinue the practice of policemen policing policemen.

Second; this idea of assigning a cadre of mostly white police officers to police a black community is crazy.  Where is the logic in that?  It is small wonder these officers are policing with fear and hate.  They don’t know the nature of the individuals they are assigned to protect.  They don’t know their habits, where they came from or where they’re headed.  All they know about these people is what their biased parents told them.  The only view they have is the distorted picture they got from others.  Policing on false assumptions is difficult and dangerous.  The overwhelming ratios of white police officers assigned to black neighborhoods needs to be discontinued.  This notion of policing black people as if they were on a slave plantation in a ghetto requiring white overseers needs to cease.  The police in any given area should be a reflection of the people residing there.  How often do you see a predominately white neighborhood policed by a predominantly black police force with a black police captain-never?  This stuff is all a joke and we need to stop laughing because it really isn’t funny.  Policing should have some common bond between the policemen and those being protected-just being American isn’t enough.  What’s wrong with having some common bonds?  Then why not do it?  My faith and belief is in the integrity of this nation (if indeed there is any left) tell me America can do better towards fixing this out-of-control slaying of blacks under a banner of fear and justification.  It’s not fear-nor is it justified.

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