Poems for Parenting

Excerpted from the parenting Book written by

                                                                           Donald L. Gandy

Beginning the Process

Like planting a tree so it will grow,

You plant your child so she will go

In a right direction to survive life best.

God will direct her and do the rest.

Consider what you eat and consider lifestyle

To prepare your body for the expected child.

Things ingested must be as healthy as can be

So the baby may be problem and illness free.


A baby is like a sapling; a child is like a tree, bend it in

The right direction and it will be what it’s supposed to be.

Can children really know what to do or make a better

Decision than you? I don’t think so; that’s why you’re there

To guide them through their every snare.

It takes more than the words “I care”; it takes real action

And some prayer. It requires giving what you can’t spare.

And more than that, you must be there.

Stay involved

Don’t sit and watch the clouds go by and never even fret or sigh

About your child you should inquire; seek and Search and even pry.

If there is unity between mom and dad in raising the child

They will be glad they worked as a team so she would be better

If she follows both their rules to the letter.

You should stop and think for awhile and you will realize

You have a child to take care of beside your wife. You

Must do it; whatever the strife.


Would you want your child to be a thief; a doctor, lawyer or

Native American Chief? You can give him a start if you only

Try to set good examples for him to live by. He also may want

To be just like you-not do what you say but do what you do.

We must raise our children to be independent-not lean on us

To thrive. If we don’t do this we will be selfish and will not

Have prepared them to survive. So push them away at some

Point even if at times you’re very must be blunt.

What is it for?

Is it for the child or is it for you to accomplish the things

You could not do? Or are you one of those parents who

Tries to live your life through your child’s eyes? Your child

May think you are a “Rock of Gibraltar”. She thinks you

Can’t stumble, fall or falter. She may not realize the things

You can’t do. You’re only a person-you’re vulnerable to.

So don’t make her believe you always can, because you’re

Only human-you’re not superman.


Why would you buy her such a toy; to enhance her life or

Bring her joy? I think it will throw her out of whack and

Make you wish you could take it back. You might be your

Child’s savior if you condemn her wrong behavior. It does

Not matter that she is grown and living her life on her own.

You can take these words of advice from a sage, that a

Course can be changed at any age. You can put a child

Back on track if you don’t allow her too much slack.


Teach her and nurture her and then let go of the hand

Of your child so she can grow. Let her be independent

And survive on her own against life’s tests that are often

Not known. But keep your arms open she may need an

Embrace after getting weary from running life’s race.

It’s not a storm; it’s just a drizzle. It’s not the steak; it’s

Just the sizzle. The joy of toys will sometimes fizzle, so

Be certain it’s the steak and not the sizzle.



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