Could America’s Best Days Be Behind?-Part II

Excuse the Parents-They’re Making Excuses Parents are making excuses. Their efforts are seriously failing the children. More and more children are becoming products of compromised parenting. It is evident in the parents that allow all manner of negative behavior of their children. They let the children get away with murder and often under the banner(…)

If You Can Prioritize Well-You Can Win

The most important areas where priorities must be keenly considered are the areas of God, health, education, marriage, children, job and retirement.  Having misguided priorities or underestimating the importance of properly assessing the factors in these areas can be the difference between winning and losing the battles of life. Being grounded in a relationship with(…)

Quiz # 4

Answers to Quiz 3 1. Francis Scott Key.  It was written during the War of 1812.  2. Africa.  3. It happened twice.  The first time was John Quincy Adams and the Second was George W. Bush.  4. There were three:  Thomas Jefferson was first.  The other two were Edmund Randolph and Timothy Pickering.  5. It(…)

Ballad of the Heavyweights

Sometimes we allow what we like to control our life and direct our behavior.  That’s called “lack of discipline”.  When something impacts our progress or overall success in a negative way we must take charge of the situation and turn it around.  That’s called “discipline”.  The suggestion is “you can’t be disciplined in every area(…)

Is It Weighing You Down?

With a fixed gaze I examine the landscape of America-focusing on the throngs of people passing within my line of view.  Among these throngs of people are those who are a living testament to the fact that this nation has gone completely out of control when it comes to the issue of eating and poor(…)

The “Tweet” Page

A cook could cook something so delicious she would want the whole family to have some of it.  Another individual could write something so wonderful he would want it published and read all over the planet.  Someone else could say something so smart that he would want the whole world to hear it.  A builder(…)