Arab Spring; Syrian “Fall”; ISIS Winter

Things bud in the spring; fade in the fall and die in the winter.  “Arab Spring” is a terminology that was used to describe a budding discontent in the Arab world a few years ago.  Many areas of the world have had their “spring”-France had one that was highlighted by the French Revolution and changed(…)

Mrs. Obama and Nutrition-On Point

It is almost a “given” that childhood obesity often leads to adult obesity. The evidence is clear enough with America virtually boasting about a national obesity factor averaging around 60% of the population. Should that be something to boast about? Oh yeah; maybe because it is an indication that fast food chains; the companies that(…)

The Children-Is It Possible?

Could there be a possible link between the rise in substance abuse and the rise in the off-track behavior of children? This rise established a strong footing in the sixties and post-sixties period. The substance abuse in question includes street drugs, prescription drugs and designer drugs. Designer drugs were formally introduced to the landscape (on(…)