In Defense of the Bible


The Bible is God’s book. It contains His spoken words. He spoke them through His Son Jesus, Jesus’ Disciples and other men anointed by God to speak words (as He gave them utterance) on behalf of Him. Throughout the Bible we can see instances of God giving messages to men to tell other men and/or to the world they know. Since the Bible (including the words therein) is from God and of God, the words must be truth because God is truth. As we travel through the landscape of life we have encountered or will (from time to time) encounter individuals who will attempt to persuade us that the Bible is merely another book written by man, and being so, is ripe with errors, misconstructions, concocted tales of fantasy and untruths. This mere assumption is far from truth. The Bible wasn’t written by just a man or some men. It was written by men anointed and commissioned by God, Himself to bring it forth. Even before I present the impetus behind the Bible’s evolution it can be said that due to the fact that, (the Bible even in its basic form) has withstood the test of time and is an extraordinary feat within itself. Yes; there have been many and various reconstructions of Biblical grammar and other changes alluding to simplification and clarification. However-giving benefit to any doubt-we should be able to conclude that such changes, simplifications and clarifications were well intentioned. When you meet someone on the landscape who seems bent on discrediting the Bible consider him a fool and suffer him to be so at his own peril. Anyone who desires to marginalize the Bible or discredit God’s Word (in the Bible) is seeking justification for not wanting to adhere to the Word of God. Even if you can logically support the Bible’s evolution, such an individual (as above) is likely not to accept it anyway. I (personally) have no desire to “spin my wheels” trying to convince a fool concerning the credibility of God’s Word. Most ordinary individuals lack the intellect or scholarship to put up a logical defense against the Bible’s emergence. Anyone who argues against the validity of the Word of God is also arguing against the notion that there is life after death. To take a stance of unbelief in this area is treading into very dangerous territory.  None should desire to go there but many will and will subsequently pay the price of unbelief. It’s a large chance to take; seeing that an eternity is a “forever”. The Bible states that based on your acceptance and adherence to the Word of God you will spend that eternity with God or away from God. That requires serious thought because any error or misjudgment concerning one’s eternity cannot be corrected after the fact-there is no eraser. The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 “It is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment”. Upon the acceptance of God as our personal savior, we are mandated by His Word to go out onto the highways and byways and bid man everywhere to walk in the light of God’s truth (the Bible).  For those who don’t believe God’s Word is true, there isn’t much one can do to convince them during theirpresent life on this earth and in time to come. They are likely not a part of a church community nor would they (in that state) desire to be a part of God’s family or a church community. They have chosen a stance of unbelief.

Still Don’t Believe?-You Can Go to Hell

The church community is constantly evolving. There appears to be an endless and ongoing search for a new doctrine, a new scriptural interpretation or a new spiritual name. The names have gotten to be as many and as charismatic as the direction of the church and many of its leaders; although not always reflecting the direction of the strivings. In what seems to be the search for new spiritual interpretation, many doctrines have come about that don’t seem to be leading more individuals towards godly living but seem to be leading them in a direction away from godly living. In God’s world nothing is old or modern. God is the same unchanging God. His Word is the same unchanging word. If certain nuances in His Word are made clearer for the reader, it can be acceptable as long as the true meaning remains intact. In change or translation it cannot be left to man’s desire. It must be left to the Holy Spirit’s direction. What God said in His Word is not open to man’s convenient fix. In modern man’s venue man has fashioned a scenario that allows him to give a (so-called) modern day fix to God’s Word, to God’s desire according to His Word and to God’s intention as stated in His Word. Words and translations have divided the church. The church has been largely splintered and divided for some time now, and each time a new doctrine or interpretation surfaces; there is another division in the church. Based on the information concerning the origin and historical context of the Bible (The King James Version in particular) the scriptures evidencing God’s Word (contained therein) evidence a scholarly and divine work brought to completion by a committee of different individuals, who toiled daily, for a long period of time. The King James Version was said to be the only literary masterpiece ever written by a committee; another piece of evidence that it was divinely inspired. Sometime after the death of John Wycliffe (1330-1384) the common English language and the printing press opened the way for a vernacular Bible (See “The Discoverers”, Daniel J. Boorstin, Random House, NY, Copyright 1983, page 523-24. The King James Version shaped and invigorated the modern English language. King James I. gave his support and forty seven approved translators, including notable scholars of the day, met to produce the King James Version and a representative group of six met daily for nine months to combine their efforts towards its publication which came about in 1611. Their product overshadowed all of the other works of literary genius. Incorporated in this work were the divine translations of the historical journey of Jesus’ sojourn on earth, His mission and His ministry; which had occurred some one thousand six hundred years prior.  Based on the scholastic aptitude of those involved in the translation and the results coming out of their efforts, it could possibly be considered a work of truth; defying the ability of any ordinary man to refute.  2 Timothy 3:16-17 says, All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. And 2 Timothy 3:17 says, that a man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. Psalms 119:89 says, Forever, O Lord, your word is settled in heaven. The supporting remarks for 2 Timothy 3:16 says, The Bible is the Word of God. The absolute authority of the Bible over our lives is based on our conviction that this book does not merely contain the Word of God, but that it is the Word of God in its sum and in its parts. It is the word of the Holy Spirit, the inspiration of God; God breathed. The Bible is not the product of elevated human consciousness or enlightened human intellect, but is directly breathed from God, Himself. None of what was given was merely the private opinion of the writer. Each writer involved in the production of the Holy Scriptures was moved by (which means literally borne along) the Holy Spirit. However, they were not mere robots; seized upon by God’s power to write automatically without their conscious participation. The process by which the revelation of the Holy Scriptures was given says that even the words used in the giving of the Bible (not just the ideas but the precise terminology) were planned by the Holy Spirit, who deployed the respective authors of the Bible to write, comparing spiritual things with the spiritual (“literally matching spiritual words to spiritual ideas”). The Biblical view of the Bible’s derivation is called the “plenary verbal inspiration of the Scriptures”, meaning every word is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. (NKJV, commentary to 2 Timothy 3:16)).

So, all of this jargon being bantered about in disputation of what the scripture is attempting to portray is nothing much more than an effort not to follow in the direction of Jesus’ teaching. Man, ever since, has been on a course of striving to make the scripture fit his life rather than fit his life to the scriptures. In such an effort, varied doctrines have come about which lend themselves to man’s own interpretation of what he wants the scripture to say. In simple terms, the scriptures call man to righteous living and tell him how to live it-especially the New Testament. The books of the New Testament mirror the times of Jesus and brings into clear focus the path for salvation and righteousness. All man has to do is live the scriptures; and it can be done. However, over the years, since Jesus’ sojourn on earth, the church has been breaking up into various sects and religions-all supposedly coming out of one book-the Holy Bible. Some of the doctrinal groups, in their translations of the intentions of the word of God, had gotten to be so far removed from the Bible’s intentions and directions, that their living lacked the examples of Jesus that would have impacted man towards righteous living. Much of this had been going on for a while and much is still going on today. Some of those attempting to interpret the Word may not have been called to do so anyway and others may have come to a posture of exhibiting a modern day version of what Jesus was teaching and saying. Could this be an effort to please man and, if so, I’m afraid the effort does not please God. God is probably unhappy with this portrayal; especially if it doesn’t impact man towards righteousness. Jesus’ entire earthly mission and ministry were to give man the direction towards salvation. When we witness man traveling in a direction away from righteous living, we must know that he isn’t following the precepts of God’s Holy Word and this should not be open to dispute. You can dispute with me but you can’t dispute God’s Word and intentions. Romans 3:3-4 says For what if some did not believe? Will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God without effect? Certainly not! Indeed; let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written “That you may be justified in your words, And may overcome when you are judged.” As the NKJ Bible comments, God’s judgment of sin shows His righteousness and brings Him glory. His holy character requires that He judge sin.

As man traveled along the path of God’s Word over the years, he drifted alternately towards and away from the righteousness of the intention and direction of God’s Word and at various crossroads, man’s salvation posture was called into question. When the question centered on unrighteous behavior, it was certainly mused as to whether the posture was according to the Word of God. The overall perspective of God’s Word for righteous living is so simple that even a fool need not err in following God’s direction away from sinful living. In 1907 Bishop C.H. Mason called into question the posture of a particular doctrinal church in general; after observing such a blatant display of unrighteous living. From the questions emerged the movement spearheading the Church of God In Christ. Various other names have grown out of this doctrinal direction; names such as Pentecostal, Apostolic, Holiness and Evangelical. All of these and various other doctrines have emerged from the translation of words from the Holy scriptures which were divinely conceived and inspired. They were not conceived haphazardly or in error. They represented God speaking then and they still do today. Those who would question the validity of God’s Word-let them do so. They are likely not seekers of righteousness. Unless they come to a place of repentance and acceptance of God’s Word, hell could be their eternal resting place-yes; they could go to hell.

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    I enjoyed reading this article, just to feel a difference in your direction of dedication. Defending God’s word is a revelation of your true love of for Him. I join you in this and pray that each of us in this blessed family will be in accord remembering our background and basic teaching of who God is and how real He can be in our lives. I do enjoy your punches at politics etc., but this was so refreshing. Remember, it is not about us, it is about God; so friendships warm and cool but it is still about God. Love you much! Fedie


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