How Much Did They Pay For His Soul?

I am thoroughly convinced that affluence in some individuals changes them from who they are to who they may want to be. The conversion is quite difficult to explain and to understand. Maybe if I were a psychology major I would be able to come up with a sensible set of reasoning but being a business major I cannot. While neither (of the two) business or psychology is scientific; business is more of a science than psychology. Psychology embraces too many variables-both in the acts and the actors and is subject to too many whims-both by the analyzer and the one being analyzed. Therefore, trying to understand why affluence greatly changes some individuals is beyond my realm of ability so I won’t (in this matter) deal with the “whys”; I’ll just stick to the “whats”. The subject of this conversation is centered on Dr. Ben Carson. I’ll begin by saying Dr. Ben Carson received the Horatio Alger Award and having done so puts him in company with the likes of Herman Cain, Ronald Reagan and Lindsay Graham. The award is given to self-made men. First, there are no self-made men. The Republicans like to use that phrase loosely. But by the grace of God go any of us. Ben Carson should immediately lift his hand in disagreement when anyone attempts to label him a self-made man. If you read his story and if you have any idea who God is, you must admit that God smiled graciously on Ben Carson. Ben Carson had special gifts and talents and such are given to each of us by the one who created us-God. Not only did Ben Carson possess special gifts; God’s grace restrained Ben Carson when he was on the verge of throwing all of his gifts and talents to the winds. How could he have the audacity to let a group of “Republican Spinners” convince him that he made himself? He could have refused this reward for what it supposedly stands for because it doesn’t fit how he became. In addition, the recipients of this award tells me something about the award-always consider whose company you’re in. The Republicans said men built corporations by themselves-they lie so Ben Carson is among a bunch of liars. Yet; he was a keynote speaker at a Republican prayer breakfast. What prayer and to whom were they praying? The audience and the speakers embraced lies and liars-God hates both. Having no desire to take away from Dr. Ben Carson any just recognition for his achievements-and there have been many-I am endeavoring to deal with the aspect of where his journey seems to be leading. Mind you; freedom to choose is within one’s power to do but human nature also has the power to wonder why. In Dr. Ben Carson I don’t get it. He grew up under very challenging economic circumstances. He saw poverty first hand; was on family medical assistance that required him and other family members to wait for hours to be seen by one of the interns at the hospital. And yet he has taken a position besides the Republican Party that wants to deny Affordable Care to the people of America who may otherwise be on medical assistance such as his family was. I am trying to look into his window of this 360-degree turn. Is this what money and affluence does? Dr. Ben Carson made history-the gift was from God. It was also God’s grace that he ended up being able to join the Republican Party rather than spend his life in a prison for a murder he almost committed. Yet the claim is he’s a self-made man. That’s Republican jargon. The party that claims “God fearing” as a conservative principle is so quick to not give God the glory for good things He has done. For Ben Carson to position himself with, beside or within a party that makes a concerted effort to trample on the plight of the already disadvantaged is much larger than my simple brain can comprehend. He has aligned himself with the party that wants to take America back-back to where? Does it want to take it back to the time when and before his mother married at thirteen years of age to escape poverty-if that was indeed the case? Does the party want to take America back to the time when and before his mother had to work several domestic jobs at the same time-to make ends meet? We can see that the party of Ben Carson wants to take America back to the time before it elected its first black president by compromising blacks’ voting power on the way back. Is Ben Carson and others like him still black or has affluence given him the ability to shed that identity?

Those Such As Ben Carson

You could be black, you could be white or you could be green-the color should not really matter-the truth should. What “new piece of woodwork” did Dr. Ben Carson come out of? I’m a bit confused-it doesn’t take much to confuse me on some of the Republican logic and behavior. Yes-go on and tell me the color of your skin in America doesn’t matter. If you tell me that I’m not dumb enough to receive it. If you tell me I’m pulling the “race card” I’m smart enough to recognize how brilliant you are in that observation. I thought Ben Carson was a black man and my confusion comes out of the fact that Ben Carson is standing up for a cause that puts blacks (such as he was) and his parents-as well as other minorities in the position of feeling less than a full human being when medical care was needed. He knows firsthand what it was like. The story is there in black and white. Why is he acting as if he doesn’t know the plight of the uninsured? Did someone make him a big promise? Ben Carson’s position isn’t just a dumb position for a black man to take-it’s a dumb position for any man to take concerning the Affordable Care Act. It is especially troubling to see someone whose parents came out of the bowels of poverty (and I’m sure some injustices were thrown in on every level; including healthcare, education, civil rights and equal opportunity) and come to take a position besides a party such as the Republicans are today. What negative can Ben Carson see in a program that can help remove a medical care stigma and put all Americans on an equal level in the serving of healthcare needs? When Ben Carson came on the scene speaking against “Affordable Healthcare for all) I was quite puzzled and thought I had drifted into a doze. I saw this weak-looking silhouette emerging-barely reaching the stage before he began speaking in a weak, faint voice reminiscent of someone who was being pushed out onto the stage to make a speech he didn’t want to make. In those commercials he seems to be very much “out of his element”. I believe in America’s freedom and in the right of a citizen to be part of any party he so chooses. However, the position Ben Carson has taken is like a black man selling his birthright. For any minority to speak out in concert with a group that wants to deny basic support for the plight of the compromised of our society is a grievous fault. The desire to trash a program that can greatly benefit the less fortunate of our society is inconceivable but Ben Carson is doing it. Is he drunk with money, affluence and Republican stroking? Has this all gone to his head? Has he forgotten the plight of his parent who had to work several jobs at the same time to keep the family afloat? The Republican Party has always been a party of the wealthy-for the wealthy. Now Ben Carson wants to do its bidding? The major question is why. Is this the change affluence speaks to? Who paid him or promised him, how much and why did he accept it? Ben Carson has to be smart enough to know there is nothing bad in the idea of affordable healthcare for all Americans. He worked in healthcare settings. He saw individuals’ healthcare needs being compromised because of the lack of healthcare coverage. He had to witness this happening to minorities overwhelmingly more often than non-minorities. Is it possible that the people Dr. Ben Carson saw in the medical treatment process were neither black nor white? Maybe Ben Carson is a purest. Maybe he is completely color blind when it comes to the shades of black or white. Maybe he is an economic purest when it comes to having or not having-being able to afford or not being able to afford. Ben Carson appears to be a black man-most of white America would label him as such. Maybe his parents told him he was white and he believed them. There was another black politician who thought he was white-who ran in the 2012 Republican Primary for president. He said he was the Koch brothers other brother from another mother. Some in the white community thought it was a nice joke and they laughed heartily. Once they found out this black brother had been sexually groping white sisters the laughs soon turned to frowns. Where is that black/white brother now? The clock is always ticking for the black men being used by the Republican Party. When will they wake up and realize it’s only for a season. Sooner than later they always get tossed overboard. Good sailing-Ben Carson.

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  1. wayne ottley

    Gan, this is a nice article about Ben Carson. I wonder who made him drink the KOOLAID ????


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