Facts for everyday people #1

  1. Did you know that each of these schools graduated only one of our prior presidents; Whittier, Duke, Miami University, University of Michigan, Eureka, Union, Amherst, Stamford, Kenyon, Dickinson, UVA, Ohio Central, UNC, Allegheny, Cincinnati Law, Williams and Georgetown, Hampden-Sidney College?
  2. Did you know that one of our prior presidents was a Rhodes Scholar and an Oxford graduate?
  3. Did you know that two of our presidents had no religious affiliation?
  4. Did you know that only one of our past presidents was Catholic?
  5. Did you know that nine of our past presidents didn’t attend college and among the nine were George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman?
  6. Did you know that only one of our past presidents was out of office for a term and then re-elected to serve another term?
  7. Did you know that Antarctica is the coldest continent on the planet-the lowest temperature being recorded at -129.3F and a registered wind velocity reaching 200 mph? The land mass is 8.9% of our planet’s land mass. It has no official language, no currency and no population; except for revolving scientific residents.
  8. Did you know that President Lyndon Johnson was the only president who graduated from a teachers college? The college was SW Texas Teachers College. It’s on record that the college attended by Ronald Reagan had a strong emphasis on training students for teaching.
  9. Did you know that President Lyndon Johnson’s housing act of 1965 created the first large scale public housing consisting of 240,000 units throughout the nation? A year later he approved a supplementary appropriations bill to make possible rent subsidy for low and moderate income families.
  10. Did you know that the first Solicitor General was an African American, named Thurgood Marshall? He was appointed by LBJ and went on to become the first African American Supreme Court Justice.


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