Facts and Opinions for Everyday People

The ThinkerI’m smart enough to offer my own opinions.

But not dumb enough to offer my own facts.

Opinions can be purchased by the dozen for a few cents per dozen. They’re cheap because everyone has one and most people are quick to offer one to you for free. However, be aware of others’ opinions-they’re personal offerings and may do you little good. I once heard it said “Consider the source”. You should also consider the resource-consider where it came from and what it came out of. That said; you’re more likely to get smart opinions from smart people.

Selling Opinions

Some opinions are worth nothing-based on where they’re coming from and what good they may be to you. Some opinions may be worth no more than a dime for a dozen of them. They may not even be worth a second thought. Others could be worth millions financially or could change your life forever for the good. Much of the benefits of opinions has everything to do with what you are willing to give for them.

My Opinions

My opinions may be worth a little more than the opinions of some others because I have had access to more available resources in forming them. However, I’m not going to charge you any more than the other person would charge you-nothing at all.

 Study in various disciplines – mainly business – did much to help form my opinions  on various subjects. I’m an avid reader of non-fiction material-seeking factual information, because I have a burning desire to know more-to be even more informed. I authored a 350-page book and wrote editorials that were published in newspapers. I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper and editor of my high school yearbook. I wrote a 110-page economics paper for a graduate course in business-receiving an “A” for the paper and an “A” for the course.. I’ve spent over 40-years in business-mainly in taxation and finance, so I’m ready to offer some opinions and some facts on some subjects (in which I’m comfortable) to enlighten you and maybe to inform you.  I hope you enjoy the journey.



  1. Rudy Duke

    I like your blog – even if I say so myself!


  2. Minister Charletta Basnight

    I enjoyed reading your blogs/opinions.


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