Controlled By Threats and Psychology

The powers that be in America-knowingly or unknowingly-control people of color by threats and psychology.  First they let the people of color know what the system will do if they do “this or that” and they let them know what they won’t do if they don’t do “this or that”.  The threats come in various forms from heavy-handed law enforcement to the cutting of vital aid efforts that may be needed to sustain a family in crisis-health or economic.  That’s the threat.  Second, they soothe the fear heard from the threat by reminding the people of color of “how far they’ve come.  Yes; there has to be some truth in the “Willie Lynch” origins because the parallels are too much aligned with the behavior taught past generations of American whites that are being played out on the landscape today.  Willie Lynch stressed control by fear.  America is doing that today-especially in the South.  How else can America explain the behavior of whites and the accepting attitude of many black Americans of today?  How else can we explain the reason American psychology has so convinced some people of color that the progress they’ve made is as much as they deserve?  Who or what entity drew the conclusion that white America deserves so much more than black America?  Does the conclusion stem from the rhetoric spun that suggest blacks are an inferior people?  How could enlightened Americans buy into that spin?  After all, Blacks have excelled (in many instances) far beyond whites in the areas where they were allowed to compete.  Has the brainwashing of un-informed whites been so complete that they are unable to move beyond the notion that “all people were not created equal”?  God, the United States Constitution and other related historical documents have stated that all men are created equal-black, white, brown and yellow.  On the other hand, can the notion be that whites deserve the benefits and spoils of America because they were the first arrivals and first discoverers?  But they weren’t.  Then why do the powers of this nation insist on keeping the people of color in a bind?  Is this the means of control and if it is how long do they envision they will be able to do this?  When it comes to people of color-blacks in particular-white Americans have always been control freaks and seem to have no desire to let go.  That has been especially true in the South-down through the years.  The North has its issues also but exercise them with subtlety and lies; such as in the recent murder of Eric Garner.  The South threatens black Americans by bringing out helmeted, baton wielding police officers in bullet proof vests and riot gear; in armored personnel carriers and other equipment designed for battlefield conditions-against a foreign enemy.  Peaceful American demonstrators should never be mistaken as being foreign enemies.  Peaceful demonstrators don’t represent a foreign enemy.  Recently Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri was quick to call up the Missouri National Guard to strengthen the police department in the face of demonstrators; aggrieved after (what was considered to be a contrived conclusion rendered) resulting from a contrived grand jury.   If Governor Nixon had been as quick to ask the Ferguson prosecutor to step aside to allow a less biased appointee handle the case, maybe a fairer verdict would have been rendered and calm would have prevailed.  Everything possible was done to fix the grand jury circumstance so as to get an unjust vindication of the white police officer that shot an unarmed black teenager.  Governor Nixon said (in so many words) “I don’t care what decision the grand jury renders for you black folk-the law would have spoken.  You are required to swallow it and remain calm or else”.  He backed up the “or else threat” with an armed militia-ready to fire tear gas, rubber bullets and even live ammunition on a moment’s notice.  The threat was intended to keep black people in their place; in spite of the biased treatment they were receiving.  The truth is; you don’t forever control a people in that manner.  Apartheid had its reign in South Africa.  It was a brutal period of reign-not too unlike what we are witnessing in the streets of America today.  The only difference is South Africa offered no apologies and used no psychology.  One day (business as usual South Africa) was no more.  Maybe America should not get too comfortable in its “pushing of the racial envelope”.  Fortunately for the perpetrators of the Apartheid system the black man, Nelson Mandela, was balanced, forgiving and (I believe) a man with a godly conscience.  If he had been otherwise, the whites that continued that system for so long and so brutally would have been trampled underfoot by the majority black population and the blood of whites would have run in the streets of South Africa.  The criminal justice system in America (when it comes to people of color) exhibits a posture that (in so many ways) mimics that of Apartheid South Africa-especially in America’s South and the system has been in place for years.  How long can rule by threats and psychology continue-especially when the threats are against the type of behavior born out of injustices.  Along with the threats and in addition to them comes the psychology that may be intended to convince black people that they have no reason to act out-they’ve come so far.  The North has held on to many aspects of its prejudices-although it gave up (some time ago) many of the blatant acts of the type of racism still embraced by the South.  Yes; racial profiling still goes forward all over America.  Unbalanced incarceration of people of color is also alive and well all across America.  Excessive force is still exerted against people of color all across America.  Jobs and housing discrimination (but not as blatant as before) is yet alive and well all over America.  However, the South has added additional dimensions to all of the above.  It has sought to compromise the black vote; raised gerrymandering to another level and has made it a basic, acceptable standard for white police officers to kill black citizens (at will) and (too often) without any repercussions.  The North isn’t without guilt when it comes to the latter statement above.  That is why the streets today (December, 2014) are filled with demonstrations against an unfair criminal justice system.  This comes on the heels of a “no indictment decision” on two recent police slayings.  The last involved an unarmed citizen being put in a chokehold that killed him-as per the coroner’s conclusion.  The wake of this decision has seen demonstrations all across America and in recent days some in the medical community have rendered such unwarranted deaths a health hazard.  The latter chokehold death happened in the North.  The North has shown (in many ways) what black progress means; although there is much to be desired in this area.  The North was attempting to undergo a metamorphosis while the South was still giving “lip service” and using psychology.  It was still controlling demonstrators with hate-filled riot police accompanied by police dogs who yapped at the heels of black demonstrators.  In the Jim Crow South of the fifties and sixties the whites were asking “What do they want-they’ve come so far”?  The mere question suggests “They should be satisfied or they have enough”.  The whites didn’t understand or pretended not to understand that blacks wanted equal access to a quality education just as whites had enjoyed for years.  Southern whites didn’t understand why black travelers wanted to find rest (for their weary souls) at any place of lodging of their choice-just as had always been available to white travelers.  Whites didn’t understand why blacks thought they should be treated equal to whites under the law.  I guess whites were saying “The laws have taken away our power to lynch black people-look how far they’ve come”.  Whites should not have been doing that in the first place.  That behavior represented their threat being carried out.  The “lynching behavior” was from the playbook of Willie Lynch which stressed controlling by creating fear in the hearts of black people.  Southern whites couldn’t understand why black people wanted to vote.  After all, they had no one on the ballot to vote for.  The power of the vote would have put someone on the ballot and that is what whites didn’t want.  The Atlanta Compromise had promised the power of the ballot would always remain in the hands of white people in exchange for a basic education for blacks.

Today’s America (North and South) is vigorously waving the banner of progress saying how far black people in America have come-America has even elected a black president.  Well, hallelujah-it took 219-years to do that.  Did white America think it should not have happened at all?  After all, the first blacks landed on the shores of America in August, 1619.  The first whites arrived in 1620.  The Native Americans were already here when both arrived.  The strategy with the Native Americans was to eradicate them and if they couldn’t do that, herd the ones remaining onto a reservation and strip them of the ability to ever rise up against the white establishment again.  When it came to blacks, they didn’t want to kill them off.  They were needed to harvest the cotton and tobacco.  Today, blacks can’t be forced to harvest cotton and tobacco.  They can now engage in other meaningful work.  Look how far they’ve come.  That’s the ever-echoing theme “Look how far they’ve come”.  The ever-echoing question is “What do they want”?  When that question is raised by the white establishment in America, It is saying “Why aren’t they satisfied with what they’ve gotten-they have come so far”?  Oh, I think I know what they want.  They want equal opportunity to get the job if they come with equal or better qualifications.  They want pay equal to their white counterpart-without consideration of race.  They want schools and teachers in their neighborhoods who are on par with those in the white neighborhoods.  They want unrestricted access to the ballot box without obstacles being put in place that make it more difficult for blacks to cast their vote.  Voting should be so easy that every legally qualified citizen can cast the vote with the greatest of ease.  Blacks want equal treatment under the law-void of racial profiling and undue, unbalanced incarcerations.  They want their black sons and daughters; fathers and husbands to stop having to be victimized by a policy that suggests white police officers should shoot first and ask questions later if the victim can respond.  In the climate of yesterday and even today, if a white individual is a threat to authority it negotiates.  If a black is a threat to authority it kills.  Blacks want to be seen as other citizens are seen and as like-minded human beings-not being any more violent or dangerous than their white counterpart.   The suggestion that they are is a myth perpetrated in the minds of hate-filled whites who are looking for an excuse to kill a black person.  America needs to get its act together while there is still time.  Need all of America go up in flames and violence before the powers that be come to the recognition that there is an aggrieved populace within its walls?

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