So; you think you’re raising children?

Just how well are you doing at your parenting job? You’re a six foot, four inch male, weighing 242 pounds and can’t tell your five foot, five inch son, weighing 129-pounds what to do and he listens to you.You’re a five foot, ten inch woman, weighing 147 pounds and can’t tell your 5 foot, two(…)

Bullys – a parental failure

A bully (according to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language) is “a quarrelsome person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller and weaker people”. In essence, a bully is also a coward. Do you, as a parent, feel comfortable in raising such a child or are you (along with many other parents) in denial(…)

Will You Call Me Socialist?

I’m a writer and this writing is my creative take on this subject matter. Tell me I’m a socialist and then engage me in a discussion on this subject. Those who drive the “socialist rhetoric” do it because they know it to be a “hot button” issue when used to label an opponent. When Republicans(…)

Facts and Opinions for Everyday People

I’m smart enough to offer my own opinions. But not dumb enough to offer my own facts. Opinions can be purchased by the dozen for a few cents per dozen. They’re cheap because everyone has one and most people are quick to offer one to you for free. However, be aware of others’ opinions-they’re personal offerings(…)

How to Get “The Man”

I often hear young women and older women wail about the difficulty of getting that ideal man of their choice. One celebrity sports star expressed her disgruntled attitude in an interview concerning the choice of men out there. She also felt that in some categories, the choice of real men is sorely lacking. She had(…)