Southern Spice

An old friend of mine was adamant in her effort to convince me that Southerners weren’t the nice, morally discreet, giving and family protecting people we thought they were. Much of what she said has since come to be shared by me. Much of today’s Southern community is found (by many) to be envious, spiteful,(…)

We’re American Hypocrites

About 19-years have passed since O.J. Simpson was declared not guilty in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. That not-guilty verdict left the country in a tizzy as to what could have been the reason the jury found him not guilty after a trial that lasted nine months; cost some 20-million dollars(…)

Could America’s Best Days Be Behind?-Part II

Excuse the Parents-They’re Making Excuses Parents are making excuses. Their efforts are seriously failing the children. More and more children are becoming products of compromised parenting. It is evident in the parents that allow all manner of negative behavior of their children. They let the children get away with murder and often under the banner(…)

If You Can Prioritize Well-You Can Win

The most important areas where priorities must be keenly considered are the areas of God, health, education, marriage, children, job and retirement.  Having misguided priorities or underestimating the importance of properly assessing the factors in these areas can be the difference between winning and losing the battles of life. Being grounded in a relationship with(…)

The “Tweet” Page

A cook could cook something so delicious she would want the whole family to have some of it.  Another individual could write something so wonderful he would want it published and read all over the planet.  Someone else could say something so smart that he would want the whole world to hear it.  A builder(…)

Immigration-I Got an Idea

There is much talk on the landscape about securing the border and how some immigrants could be a plus for the United States and its future.  The bigger question that’s always begging an answer is how do we effectively secure the border and how do we draw the path that brings the undocumented into our(…)