The Bill Cosby Buzz

If my analogy has any parallel to the suggested behavior of Bill Cosby as voiced by the stream of women coming forth with accusations, we can logically assume “there cannot be so much smoke if there isn’t or never was a fire”.  Smoke is the offshoot of fire that has gone out; still smoldering or(…)

Has It Become Irrelevant or Was It Ever?

Psychology has never been a pure science but there are questions as to why and how it even became a discipline. Whatever science there may have been in psychology was those scientific conclusions deduced from studying the brains of mentally deranged individuals who committed unexplainable acts of violence. There were definite and predictable indications concerning(…)

Arab Spring; Syrian “Fall”; ISIS Winter

Things bud in the spring; fade in the fall and die in the winter.  “Arab Spring” is a terminology that was used to describe a budding discontent in the Arab world a few years ago.  Many areas of the world have had their “spring”-France had one that was highlighted by the French Revolution and changed(…)

The Children-Is It Possible?

Could there be a possible link between the rise in substance abuse and the rise in the off-track behavior of children? This rise established a strong footing in the sixties and post-sixties period. The substance abuse in question includes street drugs, prescription drugs and designer drugs. Designer drugs were formally introduced to the landscape (on(…)

A Nation and Its Laws

Many nations (and maybe all nations) at one time in their history have been guilty of passing unjust laws. Even so, once an edict becomes the law of the land the citizens of the nation are bound by the provisions of such a law; be it good or bad or whether they like it or(…)

911-I Watched in Amazement

Many in their lifetime has witnessed catastrophic events unfold in the nation where they live. Those living in America are no exception. America has had its share of those events but some of the events that took place pale against the events surrounding those of “911”. The price paid in human lives has been unequaled(…)