In Defense of the Bible

  The Bible is God’s book. It contains His spoken words. He spoke them through His Son Jesus, Jesus’ Disciples and other men anointed by God to speak words (as He gave them utterance) on behalf of Him. Throughout the Bible we can see instances of God giving messages to men to tell other men(…)

Prayer and a Sovereign God

When we look around at the conditions of the world today and reflect on conditions of yesterday-many that parallel the ones we are observing-we may wonder where God is.  God is where He always is-sitting on the throne orchestrating the happenings of our lives and the conditions of the world. We may wonder what God(…)

The Vicissitudes (changes) of life

As I look back and look around in reflection on my life and the lives of others, questions often come to my mind. I wonder why I’m in this place or why are they in that place. I wonder why the changes unfolded in our lives as they did-why those vicissitudes. In my thinking, I(…)