Is America Ready for Ebola?

  According to the scientific and medical community Ebola is a virus that has the potential of wreaking havoc on the health landscape.  It has far reaching possibilities for mutation (change) and replication (duplication) into something far more or less deadly.  As at this time the scientific community has said there is no systematic cure(…)

Mrs. Obama and Nutrition-On Point

It is almost a “given” that childhood obesity often leads to adult obesity. The evidence is clear enough with America virtually boasting about a national obesity factor averaging around 60% of the population. Should that be something to boast about? Oh yeah; maybe because it is an indication that fast food chains; the companies that(…)

Ballad of the Heavyweights

Sometimes we allow what we like to control our life and direct our behavior.  That’s called “lack of discipline”.  When something impacts our progress or overall success in a negative way we must take charge of the situation and turn it around.  That’s called “discipline”.  The suggestion is “you can’t be disciplined in every area(…)

Is It Weighing You Down?

With a fixed gaze I examine the landscape of America-focusing on the throngs of people passing within my line of view.  Among these throngs of people are those who are a living testament to the fact that this nation has gone completely out of control when it comes to the issue of eating and poor(…)

Organic Food-My Take on It

I’m not at all suggesting that if you eat organic foods you will live longer or all of your health issues will suddenly disappear.  I have switched to organic-all of mine didn’t nor do I anticipate living longer for having switched to organics.  I’m a reasonably healthy individual but there is also room for improvement. (…)

It’s More Than a Hot Dog

It’s more than just a hot dog; more than just a chicken; not just ground beef and it’s not just a tomato. There is something to be said about the quality of food we put on our table to be put into our body. While there is something to be said, there will still be(…)