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Poems for Parenting

Excerpted from the parenting Book written by                                                                            Donald L. Gandy Beginning the Process Like planting a tree so it will grow, You plant your child so she will go In a right direction to survive life best. God will direct her and do the rest. Consider what you eat and consider lifestyle To prepare(…)

Positive Parenting

There are certain things you don’t do with your children or for your children if you love them. There are certain behavior patterns you won’t fail to correct in your children if you are properly disciplining them. There are certain things you won’t leave your children (in another person’s care) to go and do. The(…)

The recipe for raising a child

I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that positive parenting can be achieved in our present day society and children can be successfully raised with the ability to make the transition from childhood to adulthood; intact and endowed with the potential to be effective contributors to the good of society. I am also convinced beyond(…)