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Why Do They Hate Ted Cruz?

To truthfully explain why some Republicans hate Ted Cruz, I’ll need to pull a race card-an ethnic card (if you will). I’ll begin by saying they hate Ted Cruz for the same reason some hate President Obama-he’s not considered one of them. Ted Cruz is a big mouth, far right Republican who has been basking(…)

911-I Watched in Amazement

Many in their lifetime has witnessed catastrophic events unfold in the nation where they live. Those living in America are no exception. America has had its share of those events but some of the events that took place pale against the events surrounding those of “911”. The price paid in human lives has been unequaled(…)

Is President Obama Speaking for America?-Yes

Every other elected President of the United States (prior to President Obama) was elected to speak and make decisions on behalf of the American people. Some in America today have taken the position that President Obama is speaking only for Barack Obama. Can anyone help me in understanding why that seems to be the case(…)

They’re Still Suffering from “PPSD”

Post Presidential Stress Disorder- The president is well into his second term; it’s been almost 6-years since two major battles (2008 and 2012) and the Republicans haven’t gotten over their battlefield defeats. They’re still suffering from “PPSD”. The first battle (2008) caught them by surprise. They thought they were prepared for the second (2012). They(…)

Southern Spice

An old friend of mine was adamant in her effort to convince me that Southerners weren’t the nice, morally discreet, giving and family protecting people we thought they were. Much of what she said has since come to be shared by me. Much of today’s Southern community is found (by many) to be envious, spiteful,(…)

We’re American Hypocrites

About 19-years have passed since O.J. Simpson was declared not guilty in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. That not-guilty verdict left the country in a tizzy as to what could have been the reason the jury found him not guilty after a trial that lasted nine months; cost some 20-million dollars(…)