America and the Psychology of Manipulation


Modern-day America became very brilliant in its use of studies, surveys and statistical analysis. The unfortunate thing is America is putting forth information and data garnered in these various areas and spinning it as if it were science. It is not science-nor is it scientific. I don’t know exactly who introduced to this country the idea of manipulating people with the use of studies, surveys and statistics. Where did the idea come from? Did it come from the field of psychology? Did some would-be psychology major conclude that America was ripe for the possibility of psychological manipulation? The uncommon sense of this possibility is the fact that American psychological application is being applied to situations based on flawed data and compromised statistics. To begin; America’s studies aren’t done on a population of unbiased individuals. Surveys aren’t done on a population of representative individuals and statistical data is often compromised by manipulation of the numbers in the outcome. Information is all over the landscape confirming the untruthfulness in reporting the results of surveys. The ones conducting the surveys have come to make the survey results say what they want them to say. There is no science in that either. Those Americans who choose to believe surveys in America are accurately-reflective of the reason for the survey can certainly believe so. Those responsible for studies, surveys and statistical analysis often apply this information psychologically as if it were a science. Psychology isn’t even a science. It’s an effort that attempts to predict human past and present behavior based on certain visible behavior patterns. The problem with the conclusions is the fact that behavior on a day to day basis doesn’t come out of a sense of individual consistency. On the landscape in today’s America behavior is altered by behavior-altering inputs-drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, etc. There are also other behavior patterns that border on insanity-some rendering the person legally insane. Insanity has its genus in the state of mental compromise or derangement. How one reaches this state can be explained by many different reasons, assumptions and guesstimates. One thing the landscape should have concluded by now and that is “One doesn’t drift in and out of insanity”. Once one gets there he can be treated to control symptoms and behavior born of the state of insanity. Have you ever heard anyone say “He was once insane but is now cured?” You may hear one say he no longer shows those symptoms or exhibits that behavior. The administering of effective treatment can often control a mental condition. The treatment can be in the form of medication or in some cases psychology may be able to reverse patterns of behavior that renders one mentally compromised. Statistical findings in America renders over 50-percent of the population as mentally compromised in some way. Medication and/or behavioral habit reversal becomes the treatment and not necessarily a cure. A doctor said to me “Mr. Gandy medication treats the symptom-not the disease”. Yesterday’s America knew this but since they didn’t have the rash of medical treatments available to treat diagnosed-insane, individuals could never be cured. Subsequently they were assigned to institutions. That conclusion and position became a financial burden on the American citizenry and some “smart Alec” decided to use the ruse that America was treading on a citizen’s Constitutional rights by confining him to an institution. So America put most of these compromised individuals on the street where the extent of their mental compromise was only known after an event that took many innocents lives. America is still doing that today. America’s psychology suggests it can cure these people-it can’t. That suggestion is the psychology of manipulation and continues the dialogue of these “mind benders”. Psychology may be an honorable endeavor but lacks the ability to predict an oncoming disaster or sufficiently explain one after it occurs. My mind recalls the case in New York City where the psychologist was hacked to death by the patient she was treating. She was unable to see that coming and lost her life.

Psychology of Manipulation

It seems the very field of psychology is taken to be a science by some individuals and is used in applications that are often spun as foolproof. Its use has become a pool of money for those serving the interest of corporations and marketing strategists. Psychology has convinced those entities of its ability to predict human response and behavior. It can’t always but corporations and marketers aren’t yet convinced. I guess they have seen credible some results; otherwise they wouldn’t be relying so heavily on psychological predictions to make more money. There must be a large enough strain of the American population to benefit from the effort. It’s like the man or the lady with “a good line”; some fall for it and some don’t. Those who fall for it become pawns and are manipulated by the person offering the “good Line”. The psychology of manipulation has come to be used and applied in virtually every aspect of America today-including marketing, production, the medical profession and more. Some brilliant psychologist(s) has sat down and come up with the idea that humans respond to certain words, phrases, accents, visuals and nuances. Some do-but not all. All human responses aren’t created equal.

The various areas seeking the use of psychological templates from these brilliant creators have come to believe they work equally well on all individuals alike. I often get calls from telemarketers who are attempting to get me interested in a certain type of investment. The same “spill” (almost verbatim) is being used by almost everyone in the field-and I hate it. It’s not original and they couldn’t sell me “jack”. Then the “spill” must tell some to sound familiar-call him by his first name. The psychology behind this is if they sound like they may know you, you may give them a listening ear. I hate that also-they don’t know me that well. They also sound so stupid saying the same thing. Others are being told to sound happy as if you’re doing so well at their trade. They’re not doing that well. If they were they wouldn’t have time to call you. They have also been taught that you can lie about what you’re marketing. If the lie sounds good enough some will buy into it. It reminds me of the cliché where one says “God is good” and the other responds “All the time”. That is true-God is always good but His goodness may not always be manifest in our apparent circumstance. That’s acceptable but the responder needs to discard the cliché. The new psychology on the landscape must be to talk with a British accent. If the telemarketer speaks with such an accent one would be more likely to embrace the offering. That’s dumb-why should one want to buy into that psychology? Are the Brits so great that the mere sound of a British voice moves mountains? Were they ever really that great? I need help on this one. Is this the same country that lost the Revolutionary War to America? Is it the same country we helped rescue from Hitler’s machine? Is there something new with Britain that’s so positively good we want to promote their accent and nuances? Then why should a British accent sell a product? Did psychology get it wrong? Telemarketers in the debt relief area have come to using familiar sounding names to promote their services. They’re using names such as “Debbie” and “Sandra Edwards” when calling into where they think are poor and minority areas because that is the segment they think needs the most help paying their bills. Statistics and psychologist got it wrong again.

Production in America has reached an epidemic of scams and rip-offs. Manufacturers really don’t seem to care about ripping off the consumer but their psychology is telling them the consumers will never notice. The psychology is correct in some cases but not all. However, in those cases where psychology calls the shots correctly they can get over. Did you notice how the phone companies add a few dollars to you bill every month under the assumption that most won’t notice? Sometime they add a dollar or less. However, the theft of one dollar from 4-million customers nets the phone company an addition 4-million. What happened to the bag of Domino sugar that once was 5-pounds? It’s now four pounds and cost more than the 5-pound bag. The box of Ritz crackers was once 16-ounces. Now it’s 12-13.7 ounces and cost more than the 16-ounce once sold for. The jar of Heinz ketchup was once 40-ounces and is now only 38-ounces for the same or higher price. And by the way, the liquid nails don’t hold things together as it once did-it’s disgusting. Psychological manipulators have told the manufacturers that the consumer will never notice; will keep paying and keep going.

What about the pharmaceuticals that push the deadly drugs in the face of Americans-over and over again-using the psychology of repetition. They also employ sexual situations to get the viewer’s attention. The drugs being promoted that are supposed to give men erections and boost testosterone levels are causing more harm than good. They’re giving men heart attacks, cancer and liver compromise. Oh, did you notice how a regular doctor visit now requires a routine blood pressure check? That adds another two-hundred dollars or more to the doctor bill. Five minutes cost $200.00? That’s about $2400.00 an hour. Not bad on top of the $500.00 routine doctor visit. Don’t be surprised that any visit to the emergency room may require blood work-even if you already know why you came in the first place. That’s part of the psychology of manipulation. That’s the way of the world-America’s world.

The recent North Carolina ruling that concludes on the note that the state of North Carolina pay reparation to ancestors of those state citizens who were forced to undergo involuntary sterilization. Those procedures were carried out on a host of victims under the guise they were unfit to procreate. Psychologist and social workers used manipulation psychology to decide who was fit or who was unfit to bear children. Those most often deemed unfit were black people and poor people. At the peak of this behavior that employed manipulative psychology thirty seven states were involved and the programs went on from the 1920s through the seventies. The basis for these determinations found its roots in a “Eugenic Sterilization Law that came out of a conclusion by one, Paul Lombardo of the University of Virginia. The Eugenic Sterilization Law proposed to authorize sterilization of the “socially inadequate”-people supported in institutions (such as mental institutions) and those who were being partly or totally supported at the expense of the public. Those groups encompassed the criminalistics, the insane, the “feebleminded”, those who were epileptic, those inclined towards alcoholism, the diseased, the blind, the deaf, the deformed and the dependent. The dependent included “orphans, ne’er-do-wells, homeless, tramps and paupers. Isn’t it strange that Jesus didn’t ostracize any of these and Jesus had smarter skills at reading the plight of all human beings? Jesus was the ultimate psychologist and the only thing He frowned on was sin. He didn’t even render that hopeless. He healed people of sin and all manner of mental and physical shortcomings. So, who were these manipulative psychologist and who or what gave them rightful authority to make such far-reaching social determinations? Were psychologist that well qualified? If those same standards were applied in today’s American society there would be hardly any left with the right to procreate. Some of the wealthiest among us are crazy and some of the craziest among us are wealthy. Some of the pillars of today’s society are diseased, blind, deaf, deformed, epileptic, drunkards and criminals. Yesterday’s psychology picked and chose to whom it wanted to offer redemption. That was manipulative. Jesus-yes that Jesus-the one whom some of those social judges were supposedly following-gave everyone the chance at redemption. In His sight everyone had a chance-the blind had a chance to see again; the lame had a chance to walk again; the deaf had a chance to hear again; the deformed had a chance to be straightened; the criminal had a chance at forgiveness; the diseased had a chance to be cured and the orphan had a possibility of being taken in. In Jesus’ sight there was “room at the cross” for all. So what was it with man and such a spate of manipulative psychology? I’m afraid there was more behind it and nothing good came out of it. Born out of these “Eugenics” (Greek word meaning better born) was bad psychology, racism and stereotyping. This Eugenics was said to be the concept upon which Adolph Hitler contrived his “Final Solution”. If such was good for Adolph Hitler (who set out to erase an entire race of people) how could it have been good in America? It was manipulative psychology. We have much of that going on today-in the politics, in the greed, in the laws and in the allowed social behavior. This trend can’t be about a nation headed towards its glory days or one of a nation rekindling the glory days of yesterday. The trend looks more like a nation in decline at the hand of manipulative psychology.

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  1. Evelyn

    This article is a “must read”! It is very informative and will again raise one’s consciousness to manipulative psychology which is so prevalent in America today. Great writing Donald! Your sister, Evelyn, is godly proud of you as you always include a word in behalf of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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