About me

Seven years of university credits earned from three universities in New York City-Pace University, L.I. University and New York University gave me a foundation to aspire towards more knowledge. I’m a tax-accountant by profession.  I’m a husband and father by choice and I’m a writer by the gift of God.  I’m an in-your face writer by passion.  To me, writing is an art form.  A writer chooses his style of writing; just as an artist chooses his style of painting or a musician chooses his style of composition.  If a writer writes novels, he may not write children’s books.  If a painter paints nudes, he may not paint subjects with clothes on and if a musician composes symphonies, he may not compose pop.  Since I’m an in-your-face writer, some of my offerings will be parody-showing the sarcastic side of me.  So you can laugh, get enraged or what you will-I’m in-your-face.

What IS THIS “gandything”?

Don Gandy is really Donald Louis Gandy. On anything important, I’m Donald L. Gandy. Those who have known me over the years-from my youth-just call me Gandy. Those who want to be snappy call me “Don Gandy”. Those who call me Don or Donald are either family or think they know me well. Others who may have a hearing or a word pronunciation problem call me “Candy”, “Grandy”, Gundy or Gandhi. I have also been called many other names in my life-some I didn’t like-by people who didn’t like me. But, what’s in a name? Do you remember that saying children had which was, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling me names will never hurt me”? This was a little “ditty” that some parents told their kids to say to help them avoid getting into a fight over name calling. For the ladies the saying was “A rose called by any other name would still smell as sweetly”.

As you look back in reflection on life, you probably remember a few filthy-mouthed individuals who were great “cussers” and they used all of the disgusting 4-letter words. Those were the types of individuals who thought they could survive a good fight because when you called some individuals by those dirty names, it was like saying “Let’s fight”. I wasn’t a great bad-name caller. For one thing; I didn’t want to get into a habit of using dirty language because to slip and use such language in our house would have been almost like inviting your parent to knock your teeth out or destabilize your physical condition. So, from an early age I learned how to put others in their place with nicely selected, beautiful words. I learned to use powerful words and language; as the saying goes, ”Don could write a letter that would start the Third World War”. I’ve written such letters in my life and although they didn’t start wars, they certainly started battles.

Two of the earlier books I used from my youth were “Thirty days to a More Powerful Vocabulary” and “Best Quotations for all Occasions”. I lived on words and quotes. Three or four quotes that would be amongst my best remembered would be 1. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven”. That can be found in Ecclesiastes 3:1. 2. “Man makes plans and God laughs”. That was said to have been uttered by a NYC Chaplain of the firefighters during the unfolding events of “911”. 3. “You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts”. That was said to have come from the late Senator, Patrick Monahan of New York. Last but not the least are these words uttered in a motivational speech being given by Les Brown and he said, “You can’t lead where you don’t go and you can’t teach what you don’t know”. All of those utterings are so profound to me and I’ve used them all-throughout my life-since the time I heard them. Many of my topics will be sprinkled with quotes from others. A minister was quoted as having said about me, ”Brother Gandy is very opinionated”. He was right; that one quotation has the most relevance to me because “opinion” is the basis of my blog.

You know; I was born into a large family-there were twelve of us. Being in a family of that many, there was always something going on in competition or argument. This brings to mind a story my brother-in-law related to me recently. On one of my visits to their home in Maryland, we went out to one of the local ice-cream joints. The group included me, my brother-in-law, my sister and their son, who was probably ten or eleven at the time. My sister and I were seated at a window and my brother-in-law and his son were seated at a table. In the meantime, my sister and I were engaged in a vigorous discussion about something-I don’t remember what. That type of discussion is normal for us-it’s a Gandy thing. Their son turned to his father and asked “why are mother and Uncle Donald arguing”? His father said, “Son, they aren’t arguing; they’re having a passionate discussion”. That’s how the family is. Sometime later, someone was around me and a family member and we were engaged in one of those types of passionate discussions. The person remarked, “Boy they talk a lot”. My spouse looked at the person and said, “That’s a “gandything”. So I’m giving you my blog, “dgandything”.