A Nation and Its Laws

Many nations (and maybe all nations) at one time in their history have been guilty of passing unjust laws. Even so, once an edict becomes the law of the land the citizens of the nation are bound by the provisions of such a law; be it good or bad or whether they like it or not. America is no exception to the behavior of passing unjust and immoral laws that many vehemently disagree with. Unjust and even immoral laws imposed upon a nation by another outside nation bind the citizens of the compromised nation together internally but laws imposed upon the citizens of a nation (internally) tears a nation apart. We can see examples (throughout the history of America) where unjust and immoral laws have come about from both without and within. Those examples go back to pre-Revolutionary times and such imposition of laws by an external nation brought about the American Revolution of 1776. The French Revolution is an example of internal unjust laws that came to be too burdensome for the French citizens and that brought on the French Revolution: the height of which was the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. Virtually every nation has had its revolution at one time or another. The Middle East is in a constant state of turmoil over unjust laws being put upon the nations’ citizens. South America and regions surrounding it has had and continue to have upheavals coming out of unjust laws. African nations continue in constant upheavals. Since 1948 or thereabout Israel and the surrounding region has been in constant flux over laws considered unjust. This world as we know it will never be settled. The Bible has spoken of Wars and rumors of wars. We have seen them and we will see more until the return of the Son of Man and He promised to establish a perfect kingdom on this earth.

In the meantime nations continue to pass laws and the laws being passed are taking on an increasing tone of injustice and immorality. America has now come to be front and center in this behavior. Modernization and (“The times we live in”) are the culprits being blamed for the state of the American society. History notes in some books that the first slaves arrived in America around the year 1619.That ushered in one of the most unjust institutions of laws in modern history. The internal laws perpetrating and continuing the process of slavery in America was a scar and a wound suffered by America that will never heal or be forgotten. Embodied in that patchwork of unjust laws was a system of immorality that turned black people of America into a race that became hardly recognizable later. Some looked so white you could hardly distinguish them from their white “baby daddies”. Out of that institution of slavery emerged the seeds of the Civil War and as they sprouted and grew that war took root. The aftermath left over 600,000 casualties and a divided, broken nation. The year of 1865 saw America digging itself out of the ashes of war and struggling to put in place a forward survival plan. The South had to rebuild and up to this present day that task has not been fully accomplished. As you travel throughout the South you will see areas sorely lacking in economic development and an African American still deprived of the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness promised by the Constitution. Yes; some tend to be happy in spite of their lack. Others seem not to recognize that they are lacking. The general American culture tends to revel in the rhetoric of “look how far they’ve come-we even elected a black president”.

The idea behind Reconstruction brought to the fore another spate of unjust laws. Those laws compromised black’s ability to get a quality education; compromised black people’s right to vote and compromised black people’s standard of living economically. The discriminating laws that were centered on color (in the old south) were grossly unjust and burdensome. They evolved from the thought that whites were better human beings than blacks; whites were smarter than blacks; whites were cleaner than blacks and so on. In essence whites felt that blacks were unequal to them as human beings and so-the desire for separation. The South passed laws respecting those beliefs. Sure; there is a right of protest (in any nation) if such a show of disagreement is permitted in the nation and America has surely had it times of protest. I’m afraid those times of protest are not yet over and will grow wider and larger in time. The nation is divided on so many laws considered by some to be unjust and immoral. Some of the states are trying to past laws respecting the times when black people couldn’t freely exercise their right to vote. Some of the states are trying to pass laws banning unions and returning America to the sweat shop days; the likes of which gave America the “Shirt Waist Dress Factory Fire” and other states are trying to pass laws returning America to the “Back Alley Abortion Days”. Other states aren’t comfortable with same sex couples coming to a priest or magistrate to be united in marriage. They believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. The nation is divided on this issue. You have supporters on both sides of this fence. Whatever the law may be we are obligated (as citizens) to be bound by the provisions of the law of the land. Although we are required to obey the laws of the land we are not bound or required to partake of the behavior the laws protect. The laws of a nation don’t say you must be part of a particular behavior or act but if you are a part (and such is the case of the law) you are protected from being harmed because of the exercise of that protected right. Lawmakers cannot legislate behavior. They can only protect it. So you have an option to choose or not to choose to have an abortion; to marry one of the same sex; to worship as a Christian or some other faith or to spank or not to spank your child. Some laws in some venues attempt to regulate the parenting process. The failure in that particular area has had a dismal effect on parenting.  The law of the land has made abortion legitimate across the nation and same sex marriage legitimate in parts of the nation.  To choose to have an abortion is between a woman and God.  Man has sanctioned it in the form of a law.  To choose to marry an individual of the same sex is between the couple (who desires such a union) and God.  Man has sanctioned it (in some places) and declared it a law.  These are both moral issues.  You can’t legislate moral choices; you can only protect them by passing laws.

Some laws are born of God and some are born of necessity.  Those born of God should be unchanging.  The law that makes all men equal under the Constitution was born of God because all men are equal in the sight of God. The II Amendment setting forth the right to bear arms was born of perceived necessity and that necessity has long since passed.  We have had other forces in place (to protect the nation) for quite some time now.  When we witness the carnage that is being put upon this nation (on a daily basis) at the hands of gun toters sanctioned by the II Amendment we must think there is a need for change in that perceived law of necessity.  It is said that the II Amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms-at least that’s how it’s being interpreted. In consideration of the mayhem and the tragic loss of life being played out over and over again on the American scene one would think American lawmakers would lend a meaningful, applicable translation of that law but they don’t. Even in light of the fact that they don’t, no law requires a citizen to own a gun except in some off area of the country where it was suggested by a crackpot official. The requirement that one own a gun isn’t universal but Americans love their guns; that is until a loved one is taken from them by someone who is exercising his II Amendment right. Only then does the pain hit home and the gun ownership becomes abhorred.

No law required whites of yesterday’s America or even today’s America to call an adult black male “boy” or any black person the “N” word.

No law in force in the old south required that a lawless mob should hang a black or any other citizen or non-citizen for an infraction he may or may not have committed. As a matter of fact; the law of the Constitution of America forbade such behavior. The Constitution states that a person is innocent until proven guilty-beyond a reasonable doubt. It also states that one indicted for a crime should be judged by a jury of his peers in a process of determining guilt or innocence. This “Stand Your Ground Law” is tantamount to a lynching because it gives some citizens (of the states where such laws are in force) the discretion to play judge, jury and executioner. I used the words “some citizens” because it appears a white citizen can take advantage of this unjust law without question but when it is used by a black citizen it becomes another issue.

No law required descendents of the founding fathers to drive Native Americans off their best lands and take them for their own. The Native Americans were on the American soil before the arrival of any permanent white settlers to the shores. When the smoke settled and all was said and done the Native Americans became prisoners in their own land. The “Trail of Tears” and the reservations dotting the American landscape succinctly tell the stories.

No law requires American corporations to usurp the best land and resources of undeveloped countries for their benefit and no laws requires corporations to pursue a given profit margin for their products or services. This is deemed to be a capitalist society and laws here don’t regulate how much one can ask for a given product or service. There are laws on the books having the intention of preventing price collusion or price fixing. The markup businesses desire from their offerings is rooted in human desire and greed-some wanting more; some settling for less.

The Laws That Matter

This nation is in a moral battle over the issues of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell “, “Same Sex Marriage”, “Abortion” and many other sideline issues that seem to be tearing it apart. It is suggested that the direction and values of America today (as set forth by the Founding Fathers) have a basis and foundation in the Word of God-the Bible. The Constitution is also said to embody and embrace that perspective. If the descendents of the Founding Fathers had chosen to continue in that direction concerning subsequent laws that were brought forth this nation would probably not be experiencing this present state of turmoil. The godly principles of this nation are on display and being debated in the marketplace-the morals issues. Some are in favor of continuing on a path of godliness and others are in favor of giving a modern flavor to the Constitution that was (as suggested) founded upon the Word of God. When it comes to modern direction or redirection, there is nothing novel in the area of religious worship. America has always embraced various religious beliefs. Some of our past presidents had no religious affiliation at all. When it comes to those choosing not to worship the true and living God, that choice isn’t novel either. People have worshipped idol gods from days of old.

There is nothing new in the idea of homosexuality. The practice of that behavior goes far back before the coming of Christ. It was practiced in the days of old on a widespread basis. It was accepted among some of the inhabitants of that time. I don’t have much information or opinion on whether same sex couples were taken before a magistrate, priest, pastor or Rabbi to be joined in holy matrimony. The issues of homosexuality have undergone several revolutions and today we’re only experiencing another phase. How long this phase will last may not be for man to determine

Just as in the coming together of same sex couples isn’t new; so not is the act of divorce new. Moses gave his opinion and conditions concerning the divorce issue. Jesus even spoke on the divorce issue in Matthew 19:8. Divorce must have been an important topic of note if questions concerning it were put before Jesus and they were important enough to evoke a response from Jesus.

For some of the above issues man passes laws as he sees fit. The rest must often be left to God to determine the right or wrong or good or bad of man’s laws. The wrong battles have been fought in the past and the decision or allowance of God determined the outcome. Hitler’s war against the Jews was the wrong battle. He suggested that his Reich would last a thousand years. It ended in less than seven. America’s Vietnam was the wrong battle-so says history and at this time in history America is saying that Iraq was the wrong war.

There is a law in God’s Word that says “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”. First, man is confused about what day is the seventh day of the week-the Sabbath. After getting beyond that confusion man decided he needed more money so he passed laws to do business and labor on the Sabbath. So man decided it was more expedient to exercise his freedom to operate within the confines of what his own laws allows or within the confines of what God’s law forbids. Therein lies the choices and the consequences. The same is true in light of the above unjust and social issues. The Word of God will ultimately triumph over the laws of man; especially where man’s law is enacted in contradiction to God’s Word. These issues and battles were legitimized by man and weren’t all sanctioned by God. God turns them in His time and according to His desire. Let man go on living and hope that he is prepared to pay the price of his deeds or misdeeds-even where laws justify. At the end of man’s journey ( on this earth now or at the return of Christ) the only laws that will matter will be those that were set forth in the Word of God. The laws that the Word of God says no to will make all the difference in how and where it will all end.

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