Republicans – Probably Not 2016

Every time I think of the Republican Party in its present dilemma-and it is in a dilemma-I can’t help but think of “Jonestown”. This may sound like a joke but there is a serious side to this thought. The Republicans required all operatives-and any others associated with the party-to “drink the tea”. Refusal to “drink(…)

21st-Century Gun Ballad

There’s a big gun battle being fought today Between the II Amendment and the NRA. They’re fighting for the right to own a gun; Not just for protection but also for fun. It’s not funny when you witness the dying And scan the faces of those people crying.   Some are obsessed-they want a plenty.(…)

Another Gun Fires – Another Family Cries

When Will It End? I have a reasonable amount of education but at this point I must admit that I’m suffering from a deep sense of stupidity when it comes to the II Amendment rhetoric. For the life of me; I am unable to get my brain around this over-the-top passion for multiple, high capacity(…)

Congress can’t hear the people

There was once a time when politics spoke of and used phrases such as “the will of the people” and “the voice of the people”. The will of the people alluded to the people’s desire and the voice of the people alluded to what they were saying. It seems that in the climate of today,(…)

President Obama not a leader?

I, along with many other reasonably intelligent people, am aware of the fact that Republicans always seem to talk in coded language.  They don’t only do this about those they don’t like; they also do this about those they do, supposedly, like.  The goal is to paint the good done by an opponent as bad(…)

Bullys – a parental failure

A bully (according to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language) is “a quarrelsome person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller and weaker people”. In essence, a bully is also a coward. Do you, as a parent, feel comfortable in raising such a child or are you (along with many other parents) in denial(…)

Facts for everyday people #1

Did you know that each of these schools graduated only one of our prior presidents; Whittier, Duke, Miami University, University of Michigan, Eureka, Union, Amherst, Stamford, Kenyon, Dickinson, UVA, Ohio Central, UNC, Allegheny, Cincinnati Law, Williams and Georgetown, Hampden-Sidney College? Did you know that one of our prior presidents was a Rhodes Scholar and an(…)

Quiz #2

Quiz 1 Answers “This day is a day that will live in infamy”- Pres; Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His mother needs to buy 8-lbs. She needs 120-oz for his friends and 8-oz for Tommy. That’s 128-oz/16=8-lbs. 1760-5280 feet/3 (3 feet in a yard) = 1760. The original 13 were: NH, NY, PA, MA, RI, CT, NJ,(…)

The Vicissitudes (changes) of life

As I look back and look around in reflection on my life and the lives of others, questions often come to my mind. I wonder why I’m in this place or why are they in that place. I wonder why the changes unfolded in our lives as they did-why those vicissitudes. In my thinking, I(…)

Quiz #1

What were the words uttered about the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and what president uttered them? Eight year old Tommy is inviting 24 of his friends to his birthday party. He wants to give each one 10-pieces of his favorite candy. Each piece weighs ½ ounce. He wants to have 2-pieces for each(…)