America Was Demanding a “Political Jesus Christ”

Did America want a political Jesus Christ?  I’m certain that any of us who has had an encounter with the awesome power of Jesus Christ and his unmatchable ability to fashion miracles, make the impossible-possible, and make a way where there seems to be no way, would want Him involved in anything we may undertake-even(…)

It’s More Than a Hot Dog

It’s more than just a hot dog; more than just a chicken; not just ground beef and it’s not just a tomato. There is something to be said about the quality of food we put on our table to be put into our body. While there is something to be said, there will still be(…)

Politics and the Church

America waited 219-years for the first black president to head-up this great and noble nation. Actually, the nation wasn’t waiting for him, because it never envisioned (even in its wildest dreams) the day would ever arrive. The fringe, black politicians came on and went off the stage; accompanied by laughter and sympathetic applause. America was able(…)

Honor Among the Dishonored

There is something very troubling about the countenance and behavior of black people, as a race, that is uniquely different from many other races. There is something uniquely different about the African-American Negro of America. We should not lose sight of the fact that black people (Africans) sold their own brothers and sisters into slavery(…)

Facts and Opinions for Everyday People

I’m smart enough to offer my own opinions. But not dumb enough to offer my own facts. Opinions can be purchased by the dozen for a few cents per dozen. They’re cheap because everyone has one and most people are quick to offer one to you for free. However, be aware of others’ opinions-they’re personal offerings(…)

GOP Trashed and Alienated Many

When the Republican presidential contender made the remark about not needing the 47% to vote for him he cast away the potential for many votes. If he was advised to say that, the advice was bad. If he made the decision on his own to say that, that was a dumb decision and it evidenced(…)

The Fiscal Cliff – A Bump in the Road

It’s been a while since we’ve seen such divisiveness in an effort to get to a position of financial stability and soundness in the nation. It has also been a while since we’ve had record filibusters and refusals to raise the debt ceilings prior to entering crisis mode. These crisis modes have been born out(…)

How to Get “The Man”

I often hear young women and older women wail about the difficulty of getting that ideal man of their choice. One celebrity sports star expressed her disgruntled attitude in an interview concerning the choice of men out there. She also felt that in some categories, the choice of real men is sorely lacking. She had(…)